How Promotional Products Help Black Friday Sales

Seasonal September 21, 2022

Are you looking for ways to boost your Black Friday sales this year? Consider bulk ordering some promotional products to hand out as gifts and get your company out there by creating more brand awareness during Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday Sales

You might be thinking, what do promotional products have to do with Black Friday? While Black Friday is mostly considered to be a retail shopping day for electronics, tech, clothing and more, promotional products can still have their place during this time. However, Black Friday is when companies can send out promotional items as gifts, in terms of employee or client gifts, free gift with purchase or even as bundle gift sets. Through the use of promotional items, you can create more brand awareness and loyalty during this intense shopping season. Everyone will be out searching for the latest sales and deals, but you as a brand, can focus on giving back to your most loyal demographic.

If you are a company looking to boost your sales or brand awareness this Black Friday, you should get started here. Here are some of our tips to help you prepare for the best Black Friday starting from now. Read through the different stages of Black Friday madness to stay on top of your ideas and get your brand name out there more.

Promotional Products for Early or Pre-Black Friday

While it might seem too early to start thinking about and planning your Black Friday strategy, you will be shocked to hear that it can never be too early to start thinking about Black Friday. If you want to complete a successful campaign for your store, then ideally, you should start to organize and plan around summer or early fall.

Employee Gifts

Here are some of the products we recommend to order from allbranded to help you and your company plan out your Black Friday campaigns. In order to plan everything in advance, you could consider ordering some custom-printed notebooks with your company logo on them. Your team can stay focused and organized during this crazy and crucial planning process. If you want to have some fun, you can also pre-order some promotional stress products to anticipate the crazy times. Whatever you choose, add some company spirit and swag to your office with some branded promotional items to get you through the tough Black Friday planning process.

Customer & Client Gifts

Don’t forget about things you can already hand out, display or advertise to your clients and customers. Here are some popular items you can order now to get people thinking about your brand and Black Friday. Consider handing out promotional lanyards or keychains advertising your Black Friday sale or campaign to your customers. These types of promotional products are so great for brand awareness, as they are practical and are used in everyday life for so many things. Promotional pens are also a great opportunity for you to create more brand awareness and buzz around your upcoming Black Friday event. You can hand out a promotional product with each purchase to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Promotional Items during Black Friday

Black Friday is now upon you, so what does that mean for your employees and customers? All the hard work you have done to create an amazing Black Friday campaign is finally on display for everyone to see. In order to keep the spirit alive during the busy season, here are some ways you can celebrate your employees for all their hard work and reward your customers with their loyalty and support.

Employee Gifts

If you run a retail store or a traditional brick and mortar store and your staff will be working extra hours during this time, it might make sense to bulk order some custom-printed mugs with your company logo on it. Stock up the office kitchen with these personalized coffee mugs to keep the caffeine flowing all week. Music can also boost morale or be useful during much needed dance breaks to relieve the stress. Consider ordering some personalized promotional audio products, such as headphones or speakers to the office. Whether you are listening to relaxing, lo-fi, focus music or you are turning up the beats, these promotional speakers will be a great addition and a much needed distraction for everyone.

Customer & Client Gifts

Black Friday is only one day of the year, or a week if you consider all the Cyber Monday or Cyber Week madness, but you want your clients or customers to remember you all year round. One solution, you can bulk order some branded promotional bags to hand out. Skip the disposable plastic bags. Not only are plastic bags bad for the environment, but they are not very practical.Your clients and customers will return to your bag and therefore your brand, on a daily basis. Check out more of our eco-friendly promotional products to see how you can promote your business as a sustainable one.

Post Black Friday Company Swag

Now that Black Friday is finally over, it is the time to relax and enjoy the end of the year. This is the perfect time to thank all your hard-working and dedicated employees, freelancers, volunteers and overall staff for the great work during the year. The end of the year is also a great time to thank your dedicated customers, clients and partners for their support during the year. It would be difficult to have a successful organization without the trust, loyalty and support from these two distinct groups, so give them a gift they will enjoy and appreciate this year.

Employee Gifts

If you are hosting an office Christmas or holiday party, it might make sense to remember the night by ordering from promotional picture frames to hand out to all your guests. Your employees and coworkers can keep the frame on their desk, whether that is in the office or at home. Create some special memories and let loose a bit after such a stressful period. Handing out branded hoodies with your logo on them is also a great way to boost morale with some comfy company swag.

Customer & Client Gifts

Thank you gifts are really good, but practical ones are even better. Personalized mobile accessories like promotional wireless charging stations are great to hand out to your most trusted clients and customers. Another thank you gift that will set you apart and keep your customers coming back is personalized board games.You can order enough to stock up your partners’ break rooms to keep everyone happy and relaxed.

Black Friday & Promotional Items - It Just Works

There you have it! There are many ways you can incorporate various promotional products into your business for Black Friday. Hand out company swag to clients and customers as thank you gifts or create brand awareness, but don’t forget your employees! There are plenty of ways you can show your appreciation for your staff with employee gifts.

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