Special Production of Unique Promotional Products at allbranded

Customer Information January 19, 2023

Custom-made products are promotional items that cannot be found directly in our allbranded online shop. These products are created based on your individual ideas and taste. Each design element of your promo item is tailored to your advertising needs when you choose custom production. This means that you can create branded gifts that attract everyone’s attention with eye-catching designs, designs very different from the others.

Special Production of Promotional Products

Special production - step by step to a unique promotional item!

Our team will be happy to advise you and help you with the implementation of your special production. Step by step, together with the allbranded team, you can turn your ideas into a unique promotional item.

1. Create a brief of the conceptual design of the special product

The development of promotional items with a unique and amazing wow effect in special production relies on us having close cooperation with our customers. The more precise the customer’s marketing briefing is, the better our idea phase and the overall realization of efficient and attention-grabbing communication media is. There are some important basic pieces of information that are crucial to this process. In order to fully realize your concept, we will need the background information about the target group, the intended use of the product, how it will be circulated, your budget, your time frame etc.. In the process, we get to know your company, your brand philosophy and CI guidelines. Once that is complete, we will create a unique offer just for you and we will look forward to creating promotional items that will inspire you and your recipients.

2. Illustration by our design team

After you send us your completed briefing, we don’t waste any time as we get started right away. Your ideas and requests get sent directly to our in-house illustrations design team that create and give you the first impression of the promotional items we have planned for you. What will your future product look like? That's what the custom-designed illustration reveals. However, it should not only depict your future promotional product, but also serve as a check for your requirements. In this step, we can easily make any changes needed to your custom product or design so that you are guaranteed to get the promotional item you envisioned.

3. Custom product sample

Our top goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with your custom-branded promotional product. In order to do this, you will receive a sample of every custom product. The image of your promotional item gives you a realistic impression of the overall final product, including its advertising effect and feel. Did we reach your standards? Awesome, then we'll make a pre-production sample. This product sample is another step in our full-service support, where your satisfaction is our top priority. We work like this so that you're sure your custom-designed promotional product will align with your company's specifications.

4. Mass production of your desired product

If the custom production sample matches your desired product exactly and you have approved it, we will start the customized mass production. Each promotional item created for you during the process is unique and individually created for your company.

5. Quality control of the high-quality promotional products

Quality is especially important to us in the production of our promotional products. Our products represent your company in an advertising way and therefore we want to make sure you are getting the best quality. In order to achieve this, constant quality control is carried out from the start of production. It even stems back to the products we offer on our site, as our international suppliers have also committed themselves to only selling high-quality products. In addition, we conduct a final inspection in our company of your special production items. Once this is completed and approved, only then will the printed promotional products be delivered to you.

6. Shipping your special products to your desired address

Fast and reliable shipping up to the last mile. We give you the option to ship your special production products directly to the office, to the trade fair or to any other desired location. We value and ensure on-time delivery of your special products.

7. Full service support at allbranded

Everything you need from a single source! At allbranded, we can handle even the most complex tasks in promotional product management. Together with you, we develop the right concept for your marketing campaign, so that your envisioned advertising has an impact on your target groups as you originally intended it. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation of ideas and suggestions as well as the production of product samples of your promotional item. During production, we pay attention to the selection of the optimal finishing and branding process, the monitoring of production processes and quality assurance upon receipt of goods. We also competently and reliably do our job in logistics - from the shipping status, which can be viewed at any time, to on-time delivery to the desired address.

8. Contact our a-team

Have we convinced you yet? Then let's get to know each other better! We are happy to discuss your individual requirements for the promotional item along with any questions or comments you have about the process with you in a personal meeting. Feel free to contact us at any time, we can’t wait to meet you.