Top Company Swag Ideas for January 2023

Marketing Trends January 05, 2023

Check out our top products to start your year off right. Consider some of these products as employee gifts or as a way to take your brand to the next level. We have a wide variety of options, including eco-friendly ones. Don’t sacrifice quality for price, we have high-quality products in our shop for great prices. Simply add your logo to make some unique and memorable company swag for 2023, you will thank us later!

Top January Promotional Products

Start the year off right and order some of our top promotional products for January 2023. Now that the year is starting again, you might have some budget for unique and awesome promotional products to hand out to your employees or to use as promotional marketing. So take our advice and read on to learn more about our favorite picks for top promotional items in the new year. Who knows, you might even be inspired to order something while you are reading.

Pep 4000 mAh Power Bank

Pep 4000 mAh Power Bank

If you or someone on your team is always running out of phone battery, this is the perfect employee gift to order. These handy promotional power banks are perfect for employees on the go. This Pep 4000 can charge small electronic devices, like smartphones and music players. The micro USB cable allows it to change most devices when you need it most.

Large Jute Tote

Start the new year off right by ordering this eco-friendly tote bag made from jute. Create memorable onboarding gifts for new hires with this large jute tote. Promotional bags are great because they are so practical. People will be reaching for these bags, and your brand, every day. We have a long list of other eco-friendly products, so be sure to check out those too.

Rugged Fabric Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Promotional products and company swag no longer need to be boring and plain. While in many cases, a classic promotional pen is perfect, if you want to step it up this year, consider getting some branded speakers for your entire company. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can go anywhere with you or it could sit on a desk or meeting room table, that is what makes it great. Start your year off right and consider handing these out this year to show your employees and staff how much you appreciate them.

Grid Tote 24 Can Cooler

Grid Tote 24 Can Cooler

You might be thinking, why would I order seasonal promotional products when they are out of season. However, now is the time to buy them! If you want to host a company picnic event or other outdoor gathering this spring, you should order your products now to have them in time. These promotional coolers are great for celebrating large events, like business anniversaries, milestones or even retirement parties.

Thule Stravan 15" Laptop Backpack

This year, you should make it your resolution to provide some high-quality gifts for your staff and clients. That being said, consider ordering some name brand promotional products to show how much you value your team. Plus, if you have people commuting to and from work, consider ordering these promotional laptop backpacks for everyone. Add your company logo to the front and people will be so thankful for a new business bag they can use for work. Check out even more of our Thule products for all your branded laptop bag and travel bag, specifically duffel bag, needs.

Field & Co. 100% Recycled PET Sherpa Blanket

Since the year starts in the winter, it makes sense that one of the most popular products this month would be a promotional blanket. Specifically, these promotional Sherpa blankets are extra warm and cozy. That is why it would make sense for you to add your company logo to the blanket and bulk order some. Everyone will be reaching for this blanket every day. Plus, it is the perfect gift for any remote employees or simply order enough to keep around the office. Order even more branded home goods for your employees so they feel taken care of this year. Since it is made from 100% recycled plastic, it is an eco-friendly home goods product. Feel better about your environmental impact this year when you consider ordering more sustainable products.

mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

While normal branded charging cables are great, if you have staff members who do not have access to regular outlets, then you should consider ordering some promotional wireless chargers. These products are great for people who use public transportation to get to work or who frequently need to fly for business. Bulk order some of these promotional mobile accessories to hand out to all your new employees this year.

Santos 12oz Ceramic Mug

Santos 12 oz Ceramic Mug

Our number 1 pick should not surprise you! Since it is the winter and the colder months, everyone in the office is reaching for something warm, like fresh hot coffee from a promotional mug. Drinkware promo item is a classic company swag product and for good reason. Much like branded water bottles, cups with logos can be used every day for every type of drink. Stock up this year and order enough of these promotional drinkware items to keep around the office or send to those working remotely.

Well there you have it! Our top promotional picks for January and the start of the new year. We wish you the best start to 2023 and we hope that you will have another successful year. To do so, you should consider ordering some promotional products and company swag to get your staff, clients, partners, and employees excited to jump into the new year.

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