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Valid on orders of $300 or more now through 3/26. Maximum discount is $500.
💸 TAKE 10% OFF SITEWIDE WITH 👉 COUPON CODE: SPRING10 👈 (Min. order value $300) 💸
Valid on orders of $300 or more now through 3/26. Maximum discount is $500.

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Custom-printed Virtual Reality Products Branded Company Logo

Custom-brand your logo on a virtual reality headset and be future-forward when it comes to promotional giveaway products. Clients, employees, and customers alike will be thrilled to receive such a dynamic and cool item, especially as an employee gift. A great time to buy these seasonal products would be in the winter or even late fall, as you can expect to find a lot of Black Friday discounts on these types of tech products. They can make many memories using your branded virtual reality headset while always remembering your company as the one who gifted it to them. Everyone loves a cool innovative promotional giveaway but when you choose these custom VR headsets to imprint on, no one will be disappointed.

Promotional VR Headsets As A Promotional Product and Company Swag

As of right now, we carry a few types of virtual reality headsets you can brand with your company logo to make unique and fun gifts. All have a slot where you can input your phone in VR mode and be transported to another world. We even have VR headsets that are budget-friendly for cool and innovative trade show giveaways that are interactive. Whichever type of virtual reality headset you choose, you should know that your employees who will receive one will be totally shocked and in awe of such a cool company swag item. If you have a short time frame of when you need to receive your gifts, then consider checking our our express products as they only have a 48 hour production time. This means, we can product, print and then ultimately ship, your products to you sooner.

Marketing Benefits of Using Imprinted Virtual Reality As Promotional Giveaways

No one can deny that receiving a top-quality virtual reality headset is a great gift, but when custom-branded with your company logo or business design, it makes it even more special. These types of thoughtful employee gifts show that your company went out of its way to provide something that its staff, clients, partners or even customers, will truly enjoy and is different. Anyone who receives a promotional virtual reality headset with your business logo on it will not forget your brand and be so thankful towards your company for thinking of them. Virtual reality takes you to many different worlds and lets you experience them in a comfortable setting, a gift as cool as that will gain you even more brand exposure and recognition.

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