Promotional Sustainable Products

Are you looking for an alternative to single-use promotional items? Or do you want to showcase how your brand can be eco-friendly while still using promotional products as part of your marketing strategy? Well, at allbranded, we make it possible for you to do both! You can be sustainable while still ordering promotional products. There are a few things that help to keep promotional products out of the trash, which both helps your brand have a longer impact on the recipient, but also helps the planet.

Things to consider with eco-friendly promotional items

Consider these points when thinking of ordering your next round of promotional products:

  • Materials - When choosing sustainable promotional products, you should look for items that are made from 100% cotton or stainless steel or other recycled materials.
  • Longevity - Choose items that will last a long time and can be used more than once.
  • Practicality - Company swag that consists of items people actually like and would use is important because the more an item is used, the more sustainable it can be. Choose items like custom water bottles so people can opt for those instead of single-use plastic water bottles.

Function - Items that serve a purpose or even multiple purposes are great because they will be used for a long time and people will actually want to use them. Consider something like promotional tote bags or custom printed cotton totes. Both of those can be used for commuting to and from work or traveling for business, but they can also be used to go grocery shopping, for example. You can find a full list of our promotional eco-friendly bags right here.

Popular Sustainable Promotional Products

In order to make your transition to more sustainable and eco-friendly products, we have created a list of the most popular sustainable products by category. Browse at your own leisure and bulk order your next round of company swag and other business merchandise today.

Eco-friendly Bags &; Cotton Totes

These are probably what come to your mind first when you think about eco-friendly products. Tote bags can be used for a wide variety of reasons, from using it as a day to day bag, using it as a lunch box to even using a cotton tote as a gym bag, you know these will be used over and over. Get more out of your brand and bulk order some eco-friendly custom-printed bags today.

Sustainable Ballpoint Pens

You might think that ballpoint pens are the opposite of sustainable, as many times they just get thrown away, but things have changed. There are many pens, classic pens, that have been revamped to include eco-friendly options. You can find a long list of custom eco-friendly pens that are made from bamboo and wheat straw.

Sustainable Clothes & Apparel

You can find a wide variety of eco-friendly clothing options, from promotional shirts and custom-branded hoodies to jackets and vests. Not to mention, you can find some custom promotional accessories as well, like caps, hats, mittens and more. Look for products that are made from cotton or are made with recycled materials.

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