Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.
Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.

If you are looking to step up your promotional marketing gifts for your top clients or employees, consider handing out some of these high-end items. These executive gifts and gift sets are a great option for important occasions. Not only can you find company swag, but we also have a wide selection of name brand items for an elevated product. Some of our best selling brands include products from Thule, Arctic Zone and CamelBak to name a few.


A high-end promotional item is a premium quality item. Generally, it is given away as a high end corporate gift or as a reward to customers, clients, or employees. It ultimately promotes a company's brand or image. High-end promotional items are often expensive and luxurious. They are designed to make a lasting impression on the recipient.

Examples of High-End Products

Examples of luxury corporate gift ideas may include items such as:

  • Premium pens
  • Laptop backpacks
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Home goods like knives or cheese and wine gift sets
  • Power banks
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Travel bags
  • Tote bags
  • Water bottles

These types of items are often associated with luxury brands and are typically given in gift boxes to top-tier clients or as rewards for exceptional performance by employees.

Marketing Campaigns with Luxury Corporate Gifts

Marketing and branding campaigns often use high-end gifts. This is to increase brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, and create an overall positive image of the company. They can be a powerful tool in building relationships with customers and creating a positive perception of the brand.

High-End Corporate Gifts for Christmas

Consider handing out some of these items to your VIP clients and partners at the end of the year or use this as a chance to reward your staff with a nice corporate Christmas gift. These types of gifts often have bulk order options as well. This means you can hand them out at trade shows, career fairs and other types of business conventions.


Business merch and company swag can be considered high-end compared to regular promotional products for several reasons. These are some factors that contribute to a promotional giveaway standing out and being considered high-end:

  1. Quality: High-end promotional products are typically made of high-quality materials, such as premium leather, metal, or other durable materials. They are often designed to last for a long time and to withstand daily wear and tear. When choosing a product, you will want to consider choosing items made from 100% cotton, aluminum, or even glass. These types of materials are often considered to be higher quality.
  2. Branding: Luxury promotional products are typically designed to showcase the company's branding in an elegant and sophisticated way. They may feature custom company logos or brand designs that are meticulously crafted to create a high-end look and feel. This can also be achieved through branding options. When given the option, consider choosing more long-lasting options like laser engraving, embossing or embroidery.
  3. Price: These types of promotional products are typically more expensive than regular promo items due to the higher quality materials, customization, and exclusivity. They are often given to top-tier clients or employees as a reward or special gift. While these items might be a bit higher in price, there are still many options that can be within anyone's marketing budget. Plus, these items can be more expensive because of the higher quality materials, branding option and overall construction.

Overall, high-end business merch and company swag are designed to make a strong and lasting impression and create a sense of luxury. They are typically reserved for special occasions, like a work anniversary, milestone or as an employee gift to show appreciation. These types of branded promotional products are also great for top clients, customers and partners. Create a positive and memorable impression of the company or brand by handing out high-quality gifts.


Ordering a high-end promotional item can benefit a variety of people or organizations. Anyone who is looking to promote their brand, reward employees or clients, or create an overall positive image of their business should hand out business gifts.

Here are some examples of who can benefit from ordering a high-end promotional item:


High-end promotional items can be a great way for businesses and companies to increase brand awareness while promoting their products or services. Give away luxury items, like premium pen sets, as promotional gifts to top-tier clients. By doing this, businesses can create a positive image and build strong relationships with their customers. Your customers will be returning customer once they receive such a high-end product and realize how much you value them.


Non-profit organizations and charities can benefit from ordering high-end promotional items as a way to raise funds or reward donors. For example, a charity may offer a luxury trip or other high-end item as a prize for a fundraising event. This is a great way to create more engagement and hype up the patrons to donate more.

Universities, Schools, & Educational Institutions

Schools and universities can also be rewarded for ordering high-end promotional items. Consider ordering some products during the back to school period. You can also showcase your educational institution to others, consider bulk ordering some of these products.

Anyone looking to make a lasting impression or create a positive image can benefit from ordering a high-end promotional item. These are just some of the people who can benefit from ordering custom-printed promotional products online in our shop

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