Valid on sitewide orders of $300 or more. Max. discount is $500. Only valid for new customers who have not previously purchased anything from
Valid on sitewide orders of $300 or more. Max. discount is $500. Only valid for new customers who have not previously purchased anything from

Promotional Metal Water Bottle FAQs

Here are some of the most popular questions that customers like you ask when bulk ordering.

Why choose custom metal water bottles?

Imagine a world where your drink stays refreshingly cold or piping hot for hours on end. That is possible with both single-wall and double-wall construction water bottles. Keeping your drink the right temperature is the magic of metal water bottles!

With these reusable water bottles, you know your branding will last. These promotional swag items withstand the test of time. Your target audience no longer needs to worry about leaks, cracks, or funky odors. Especially when you bulk order custom stainless steel water bottles.

Is there a nice variety of branded water bottles?

Yes! Our products come in a range of trendy designs and colors that suit your style while promoting your brand. Choose from a variety of styles and full colors to match your brand. Many of these bottles also let you print in multiple colors too.

What sizes do you offer?

You can find a nice selection of bottles, ranging from 16 oz. up to 26 oz. The fluid amount will depend on the specific bottle you choose.

What metal bottles do you offer on your site?

Since you will be using these bottles as marketing, you want to choose something special to you. That means looking for unique styles and colors that match your brand. Oftentimes you can even print your logo in up to 8 colors for even more customization on your part. So, go ahead, hydrate your brand's image and spread the love, one sip at a time!

Where to hand out metal water bottles?

Wondering where to hand out these types of branded water bottles? One of the first things that comes to mind is often at events, conferences, trade shows, and community gatherings. Places like these large events are a perfect opportunity for you to meet your niche audience who can benefit the most from these bottles.

What industries can benefit the most from custom metal water bottles?

Water bottles can benefit any industry, while the fitness industry can expect increased interest and participation. That means fitness centers, spas and wellness expos are also prime spots. After all, everyone needs hydration, whether they're hitting the gym or networking at a conference. Sports bottles are popular to hand out or even sell at any fitness center.

Do water bottles make good corporate gifts?

These bottles also make fantastic corporate gifts or customer rewards, strengthening your relationships and boosting loyalty. These metal water bottles work well as onboarding gifts. They would also be perfect for any remote employees you might have. Receiving a package from the company can make them feel more included.

Who benefits from promotional metal water bottles?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from such a thoughtful promotional gift. What is great about water bottles is because anyone and everyone can use them.

What is an insulated water bottle?

Insulated water bottles offer the option of single-wall construction or double-wall construction. That means the vacuum insulated water bottle will keep your drink the right temperature all day long.

Are there options for water bottles in bulk?

Yes! You can bulk order water bottles for all your wholesale water bottle needs. Each water bottle costs less when you order more at a time, meaning the price per unit will drop as the amount increases.


Can you picture this: your logo shining on a sleek metal surface, catching eyes wherever it goes? That's the power of a branded metal water bottle used as company swag. Every time someone takes a sip, they're reminded of your brand's name, logo and potentially services. Plus, not to mention, your brand or company's commitment to quality and sustainability.

It's not just a functional accessory. It is also a great way for companies like yours to get your name out there.

Not only can you reward your current customers, employees and clients alike, but you can attract new people to join your company's movement. Order small quantities or consider bulk ordering to reach even more people with your brand awareness.

From practicality to style, eco-friendliness to brand awareness, these bottles check all the boxes. In many cases, you also have the option to really custom print the bottles to your exact wishes.


If you care about sustainability, these metal water bottles are eco-friendly and perfect for you. Get your target audience to say goodbye to disposable plastic water bottles that contribute to landfills and ocean pollution. By choosing a reusable metal bottle, they reduce waste and show their brand as responsible and aware of the planet.

Since these bottles are reusable, your recipients will be able to use these long after they receive them. While your audience will be staying hydrated all day, they will also be promoting your logo throughout their day. Consider choosing more eco-friendly products to make a lasting impression.

In a world where we're all striving to make smarter choices for ourselves and the environment, choosing custom metal water bottles as your promotional products is a win-win. You can promote your brand, while also encouraging your target audience to stop using single-use plastics.

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