Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.
Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.

Branded Office Supplies

Custom-printed office supplies are a great promotional item for any company that is office setting based. In our online shop, we offer a large collection of brandable office supplies. These types of promotional items will prepare you and your business for almost any kind of promotional marketing campaign ahead. From promotional pens to branded office accessories, we offer you hundreds of office supplies that can be printed with your company logo. With our imprinted office supplies, you have the opportunity to market your business standards to your employees, partners, or clientele. Consider bulk ordering some desk accessories to keep around the office or hand out some promotional mouse pads as onboarding gifts for new hires.

Besides updating your office with a whole new set of promotional notebooks or branded picture frames, you can bulk order these office supplies to hand out at trade shows and business conventions. These office products are very typical promotional company swag, and for good reason! Order some of these products during the summer and fall months to prepare your university or school for the back to school season. In order to receive your products in time for the school season, you should consider ordering a few weeks in advance. We offer rush production in case you need a quick production option for your larger campaigns.

Custom-Printed Office Supplies are versatile for offices & remote working

As companies continue to learn and adapt to the times, more and more are finding themselves with employees in two places: at home and in the office. It’s important to make sure that regardless of where they’re working, employees feel connected to their company. Since companies and brands are coming back to the office, now is the time to make sure you cover all the sanitation needs and questions, including offering some hand sanitizers around the office. Promotional custom-printed office supplies can help bridge the gap and promote connectivity to the brand. Imagine giving your staff a nice imprinted stress reliever for them to use throughout the day. Employee gifts have always been an important part of the promotional products business. These types of branded gifts do not need to be expensive, you can settle for nice branded notebooks with pens too. Here are three benefits employers should think about when giving branded office supplies.

  • Unexpected gifts - These types of employee gifts are a great way to boost morale, especially when times are tough
  • Thank you gifts - Letting employees know their work is valued builds loyalty, and loyalty is an incentive to do good work
  • Practical gifts - Giving employees office supplies they'll use in their daily work life like a notebook, promotional mug, pens, or desk organizer creates awareness for the employer's brand and provides use to the employee.

The benefits of imprinted office supplies as company swag are countless

Promotional office supplies are fun and help keep productivity flowing. If you are given all the resources you will need then it makes it easier for work to get done. A major advantage of promotional office supplies is that they are highly used and are marketing your brand constantly with your logo in sight increasing awareness, like you would keep a pen holder on top of your office desk or even home office desk. Hand out some custom-branded spiral notebooks to your new hires as they start their new journey at your company. Sticky notes are also very practical and would be a great addition to any desk, counter or store. Office supplies are a great trade show giveaway as most people attending are business-focused and will hopefully take your giveaway home and use it in their office setting. Trade shows are also great for niche marketing, like the real estate and banking industries. For this reason, we offer unique promotional products like branded piggy banks for you to order and hand out. By keeping your brand awareness alive and hopefully in return they will remember your brand when they need to do business in your sector in the future. The more people use company swag, the more likely they are to commit your brand to memory. So, given that it takes between five and seven impressions for a consumer to remember your business, promotional office supplies such as pen or stylus pens are the best way of making that happen quickly.

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