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Express Print Lanyards For Quick Turnaround Promotional Products

Personalize Express Print Lanyards With Your Logo

Express print lanyards are a great option when you are looking for a quick turnaround for a promotional giveaway. Ideal for sports games, corporate functions and educational events and especially trade shows, these small branded items will make a large impact. Custom printed with your logo or message you want, these personalized express lanyards have plenty of space for your branding to stand out. Even more, they are one of our most affordable promotional items in our shop, so you can build brand awareness without blowing tons of money and receive your products in a timely manner.

Why Express Lanyards are useful

Other than receiving your printed lanyards in a quick turnaround time, custom printed lanyards are perfect for identification at charity events and also often seen used in retail stores. As a promotional item they check 2 major boxes; first off, they are comfortable to wear and easy to customize according to style and business style. Secondly, they can be used to hang keys or display name cards and ID tags for guests or employees. Almost every type of tradeshow uses a lanyard to hold their badges for the event. And even if you do not intend to buy lanyards for business reasons, you might consider lanyards as a tool to spread the name of your brand to the public. It is an accessories that is very likely to be carried with keys or even used as a fashion accessory.

Marketing Benefits of Custom Print Lanyards with Express Production

It goes without saying that a great promotional product is budget friendly, generates large brand exposure and is useful. An imprinted lanyard with your brand logo or message hits all these points. They are cost effective and have a high visibility as most are worn around the recipients neck to hold badges or important items. Also, after your promotional event or work use of the lanyards, they provide a great use to hold keys or to be used for future events as they are highly durable and will last quite a while with good care. If you are looking to customize lanyards for your next event or promotion with a quick print turnaround time allbranded has you covered.

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