Valid on sitewide orders of $300 or more. Max. discount is $500. Only valid for new customers who have not previously purchased anything from
Valid on sitewide orders of $300 or more. Max. discount is $500. Only valid for new customers who have not previously purchased anything from

Why Custom-Branded Laptop Backpacks are a popular giveaway

Branded laptop backpacks are becoming the most common way of transporting laptop computers, work documents, and personal items during the business week. With custom-printed laptops backpacks you can find a range of sizes that will best suit whichever laptop model you own. These backpacks frequently have front and side pockets for additional storage, which can also be used as tablet bags for tablets. More great features that most of these computer bags have is water bottle pockets and padded shoulder straps. With the popularity of using laptop on a daily basis, either traveling to and from the office or traveling for work, they have become a highly sought out promotional item in many industries. Not only are these custom computer backpacks great for the professional world, but also the academic work. If you work at a university or college, you can consider bulk ordering these custom laptop bags for students, professors and faculty alike during the back to school shopping period.

Who Can Benefit From Receiving A Promotional Laptop Backpack with Logo

Promotional laptop backpacks are perfect for the modern-day worker. Their most important cargo to carry is their laptop, corporate promotional pens and promotional notebooks. That’s why these corporate promotional messenger bags should be an essential item for your work gear. These bags will be a big hit around the office, especially if you hand them out as employee Christmas gifts or to new employees as a company swag welcome gift. These promotional bags and travel laptop backpacks will go wherever your employee takes it, acting as a brand ambassador for your company. Custom-printed laptop backpacks are great employee gifts or giveaways to boost employee morale and give them a useful gift that protects the very thing they need to perform their job on the go or in the office while still marketing your brand successfully.

Imprinted Laptop Backpacks are an ever moving advertisement for your brand

High-quality imprinted laptop backpacks offer brands an affordable alternative to the traditional advertising mediums. With common advertising becoming more expensive than ever either online or physical, imprinted laptop backpacks are budget conscious. They are more cost efficient than what you will spend on alternative advertisement outlets and provide a use to your customer, employee or partners. Custom laptop backpacks are perfect for students, professionals and university faculty as well as working individuals. They could be paired with our promotional wireless charging or be beneficial to come along with a custom USB flash drive with important onboarding documents for a new employee to review. They will be used all the time so you will receive ongoing marketing for your brand. Promotional laptop backpacks make an excellent giveaway to computer retailers or repair stores while also making the perfect giveaway during corporate events or trade shows for the business oriented individual. Since promotional imprinted laptop backpacks serve as walking advertisements, whenever the recipient uses the bag, they will see your logo and easily remember it as well as the audience that views the bag wherever the recipient goes. Laptop backpacks save you money, the funds you will save can be diverted to other aspects of your business.

What makes a great custom-printed laptop backpack?

It is important to order bags that people will want to use every day so quality is important. Plus, if you want your promotional products to last longer, then you should invest in good ones. You can find a wide variety of brands on our site, like High Sierra, Thule or even Parkland. When considering ordering and choosing a laptop backpack with your logo, take these into account:

  • Water resistant - Allow your backpacks to be taken in all kinds of weather, rain or shine. Otherwise, you can consider ordering some additional promotional umbrellas to hand out.
  • Padded straps - Whether that is 2 shoulder straps or one strap, padded straps make for a much more comfortable experience when using it.
  • Padded laptop sleeve - Since these backpacks will be used for work, it makes sense that there is a laptop compartment. Be sure to read the details about what laptop size fits in there. Many will fit 15" laptops, 16" or 17". There are also sleeves for tablets and iPads as well.
  • Zipper pockets - Keep your items safe and secure with zippered pockets. Many backpacks come with easy access zippered pockets, or zippered front pockets. Check out which type of pockets are right for your brand.
  • Roll top - Choose a laptop backpack with a roll top for an added sense of security. Some of our backpacks have the option for folding over the open main compartment flap and it attaches with a buckle. This feature prevents someone from reaching into your backpack while you are wearing it.
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