Promotional Travel Bags

There are so many different types of bags out there today, each with its own set of qualities that make them unique in some way or another. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight for the beach or something durable for your commute to work, there is a bag out there for everyone that we can customize with your printed logo!

Types of bags

  • The Standard Tote Bag
  • A large, circular bag that can be used for carrying all sorts of things from groceries to gym supplies. These are often made from cotton or polyester and have long straps attached. The shape is very roomy for carrying many items and the material ensures that heavy objects won’t break through easily.

  • Traditional Messenger Bags
  • slightly smaller than standard totes, messenger bags usually only fit one particular item: a laptop. Some students appreciate these as their school-issued laptop may not fit in other types of bags well and the strap ensures comfort throughout the day. Messenger bags are made out of canvas or leather, depending on your preference.

  • Printed Bags
  • Printed bags may seem like a great way to promote your business or logo, but putting them into perspective can help you decide if it’s worth the cost. When you buy a bag that is not personalized, from a manufacturer for example, rather than ordering one from a allbranded, you lose out on a large marketing opportunity to promote your brand when gifting a bag.

  • Merchandise Bags
  • These bags are great for giveaways, promotions and other special events. As such, it is important to note that you need to buy many of them. This way, you can meet all your promotional goals.

    Promotional Bags as a marketing tool

    Custom shopping bags make it easier for customers to remember your business since they will see your logo each time they need a bag for groceries or other items. You can add value by choosing reusable material such as canvas or polypropylene instead of typical plastic. Using custom printed drawstring backpacks makes carrying books and supplies around the campus an easier experience. Custom bags are also popular with charities, allowing you to support your cause by purchasing the bags at cost and giving them to supporters. This type of bag can be used multiple times without degrading in quality so people will continue to remember why they received it in the first place.

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