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Graphic Designers Can Earn More By Partnering with


How You Can Partner With Us

Often graphic artists are asked for product sourcing referrals after they provide their clients with their logo or artwork. With this knowledge, wants to help graphic artists continue to make more with their clients either through our affiliate program where we can track each referral you have brought to our shop where you can receive a kickback once an order is completed. Or we can provide you with a personal designated account with a built in discount to place the orders yourself and you can then charge your rate to your clients for your services & product costs.

Benefits from Working Together

An affiliate partnership system like this benefits both parties and hopefully ensures a long term relationship between our company and graphic artists all across the United States. This business model can assist designers to earn more in their personal occupation as well as generate sales for our business. That is the cornerstone of the American dream, working together to achieve more. A few benefits from partnering with us are:

  • • Earn a 4% commission on referred client orders
  • • Generate more income for yourself
  • • Gain a market advantage over competitors
  • • Possibility to earn passive income if a client needs a product on a repeat basis
  • • By offering more options clients will be more inclined to do business with you for their initial design
  • • Expand your portfolio!

We are excited to help designers and artists generate more in their business ventures and are ready to help you through the process in working with us.

Become An Affiliate Partner Today!

If you are a graphic designer who is interested in partnering with us through our affiliate program please reach out to and we will get you set up to start generating more capital for your business each time one of your clients places an order though our store through a verified link. If you would like to offer print production services yourself and order directly through our shop with a personal discounted account please sign up HERE. After you sign up, please reach out to to confirm your registration and we will set up your account to have a built in discount each time you order. Depending on your order frequency & sizes this can be adjusted accordingly to ensure proper margins are met to make everyone happy.

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  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
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