*The discount code is only valid once for an online order at www.allbranded.com. No cash payment possible. Not valid on orders already placed. The promo code has a minimum order value of $500. Not all products included. Offer valid on orders of tech, tech accessories, laptop backpacks and laptop bags.
*The discount code is only valid once for an online order at www.allbranded.com. No cash payment possible. Not valid on orders already placed. The promo code has a minimum order value of $500. Not all products included. Offer valid on orders of tech, tech accessories, laptop backpacks and laptop bags.
  • Cyber Monday Deals
    Cyber Monday Coupons

    Cyber Monday & Week are finally here! Get discounts on promotional tech & tech accessories with our Cyber Monday coupons! 🚀 Get the biggest discounts of the year - this week only!

    • 10% off with coupon ALLTECH10
    • Valid on orders $500 or more
    • Get discounts on all tech - including accessories, laptop backpacks and bags

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  • Employee Gifts to Say Thank You
    Say THANK YOU with Employee Gifts

    Say thank you to your team for all their hard work this year with custom-printed employee gifts! 💛 Browse our wide selection of employee gifts to customize to your liking in a few simple steps.

    • Gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or onboarding boxes
    • High-quality products at a reasonable price
    • Customizable to your specific needs

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  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Items
    Sustainable Products

    Give out thoughtful promotional items that display your company, but are also good for the environment. Shop for eco-friendly promotional items for your company! 🌱

    • Long-lasting products to avoid extra waste
    • Products made from natural materials
    • Shop clothing, pens and water bottles

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  • Custom-Printed Promotional Lanyards
    Design Your Own Promotional Lanyards

    Are you looking to customize lanyards for your business? Consider bulk ordering some promotional lanyards - fully customizable to your wish.

    • Choose the lanyard style, width, and color
    • Add your logo or design, plus any extras - You're done!
    • Lanyards are great for conventions or trade shows

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Our Services

Express Production

Whether it's a last minute event, a small or larger order... allbranded has got you covered! You have waited long enough. Place your express production order today!

Free Artwork

Our free printing proof will show close to exact representations of what the final printed colors and design elements will look like, so you can feel assured what you see is what you will get.

Special Production

Special brand messages require special products. We bring individual products to life - customized for all your big marketing campaigns.

Companies That Have Worked With Us
Red Bull
Warner Bros


Welcome to allbranded.com - your go-to place for all things promotional products, including corporate and company gifts along with other branded merchandise. With online stores currently operating in the United States and across the EU, we are experts in our field in order to process your order and to help you create the perfect products for your brand. We work with all types of clients like large and small businesses, corporations, and companies but everyone is welcome here. Whether you work at a restaurant, a school or university or even at your own start up, you can find the promotional products you need to build up your brand. With a wide range of items, you are sure to find the perfect thing for your next marketing campaign. At allbranded - You Name It. We Brand It.

How does allbranded work?

Our online store is easy, fast, and convenient for you to shop, where you are sitting at a desk or using a mobile device on the go. Simply search for the product you are looking for, whether it is a custom shirt, a branded hoodie or a custom mug, and add it to your cart. Then add your company logo when you order to streamline the process, making it much easier for you to order in one go.

We brand all types of marketing products for you to hand out to your employees or customers as a thank you gift, or to simply promote your brand a bit more. You can do this by imprinting your logo or unique design to our products to create long-term brand awareness and loyalty. At allbranded, we can help you every step of the way to create a marketing product that is right for you and your target audience. Should you have any questions, simply reach out to our customer success department at any time – we are happy to assist you.


Are you looking for a way to create better brand awareness through other means than social media or other online channels? Have your clients connect to your brand on a deeper and more personal and emotional level by distributing custom promotional products. Our promotional gifts and products are great tools to help to promote your business, develop brand awareness and loyalty, and ensure overall employee satisfaction.

From classic items like personalized drinkware to more unique or specific products like powerbanks, wireless charging and other tech gadgets, allbranded offers a large variety of options for all types of occasions. Let us help you build up your brand and company through our expertise in the promotional marketing world.


Corporate gifting is used to close the gap and build a bridge between a firm or company and its employees and customers, through physical gifts such as customized jackets, calendars or customized apparel. It's a way of showing your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year or their loyalty as a client.

What makes great company swag?

When thinking about how to spend your marketing budget, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your dollar. We came up with these four rules to think about when ordering your company swag to ensure you not only find the right product, but also make the biggest impact doing so.

Durability & Sustainability - since these will be products your employees and clients keep for a long time, you want to make sure that what you purchase is long lasting and therefore, a high quality promotional product. When gifting employees, you want to think about products that will hold up with daily use, so consider looking for stainless steel products, or even eco-friendly and sustainable products out of bamboo or glass.

Visibility - Branded marketing works best when you can see the slogan, logo or design every day. When choosing your corporate gifts, think about what will be seen the most. Some typical things include custom tumblers which can be used to and from the office or even branded umbrellas that would be perfect for rainy climates. Making sure your products can be seen on a daily basis helps for customer retention and loyalty.

Practicality - Handing out things like personalized sunglasses or even custom keychains at trade shows and other business events intertwines your brand in the receiver’s everyday life. Since these last longer than business cards or fliers, you will remain on their mind for much longer.

Affordability - We provide a large variety of items with a big price range, so you are sure to find something that fits into your budget. If you want to bulk order something for a business conference, you can order something smaller and more practical for the event, like customized notebooks or custom flash drives. If you are thinking about an end of year employee gift to make a lasting impression, you can order big ticket items in smaller quantities, like personalized speakers or padfolios with your logo.


While you might need different products for different occasions, you will find that these are tried and true. Not only are these items great in terms of quality for the price, but they are also practical for everyday use. You can get more out of your promotional marketing budget with items that can be used every day. Here are our top picks for our favorite items and customers like you!

Firstly, branded water bottles seem to be everyone's favorite. You have the option to choose a water bottle with or without insulation, for exercising or every day or even with or without a straw. Plus, thanks to their practicality and environmentally friendly aspect, water bottles are our absolute favorite product. Add your company logo to the water bottle to hand out as employee gifts so everyone can stay hydrated in the office or when they work from home.

Another popular item is the custom lanyard. Affordable as well as practical, lanyards are part of this year's top products for both clients and employees. Lanyards are practical for in office use, but they are also great to bring along to trade shows and other business events.

Custom backpacks are also another favorite because of their diverse usage and practicality. If you want to give a nice accessory everyone wants to wear, backpacks are the way to go. Choose from hundreds of styles that fit your belongings, your laptop and much more. Whether you like it dark or colorful, sleek or playful, here you can find it all just waiting for your brand logo. Backpacks are great to use when you commute to the office or for employees who frequently travel for business.

Another popular company swag item is a custom pen. Personalize your pen with your company logo to keep around the office, hand out at business conferences or bring them with you when you work with other clients. If your company works more online and in the cloud, you can also purchase custom stylus pens to replace the conventional pen. If you are looking for large quantities, there are options for bulk ordering your pens and styluses.


While all of our products are great options for your awesome company swag, there are some that are special. These types of products are great for when you need a quick turn around. Express products are specific products that have a 48 hour production time. That means, you can choose your item, add your custom logo to it, and have it produced within the next 48 hours. Express is a great option for when you need a lot of unique business merch within a short amount of time, think last-minute employee Christmas gifts or something for an upcoming trade show. Browse through our wide selection of express products to order yours today. Simply look for the products with the rocket on them to see which ones are available as express items.


Are you looking for something special for an upcoming event, holiday or even seasonally themed items? You should browse our Inspiration page, as we have categorized the most popular products for all types of occasions, from Back to School and Christmas, to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and Pride. Order your employees top promotional items branded with your company logo to celebrate these special occasions and events throughout the year. Make your promotional product budget last longer by highlighting your company during these peak events.

Employee Christmas Gifts

Now is the time to start looking for corporate Christmas gifts. In order to avoid the rush, the best time to order holiday gifts for employees is the end of summer through the beginning of fall, so about August - October. This way, you can also ensure that your Christmas gifts for employees, clients and customers arrive in time. Whether you are going to hand these gifts out during your office party or as an end of the year thank you gift, you should consider ordering your promotional gifts early enough.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

November is here and that means it is Black Friday month! See what we have in store for the biggest shopping period of the year with our full list of Black Friday promotional products. This will be one of the last chances you will have to order some promotional Christmas gifts for employees before the deadline. Not only will you find great products at great prices, but you can also expect to find some special Black Friday sales and deals - maybe even a Black Friday promo code or two. Be sure to check back often as we will highlight some of our top products each week with our allbranded blog. If you want to be the first to know about all the behind the scenes dealings this month, be sure to register your email to receive exclusive access to all things Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Stay tuned for more!

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