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Valid until 12/15/2023 for online orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts and/or coupons. Minimum order value: $1000+. Gift card will be sent by email.
Get a FREE $100 or $150 Amazon gift card with purchase of $1000+ or $1500+ | Apply code: 👉 AMAZING 👈
Valid until 12/15/2023 for online orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts and/or coupons. Minimum order value: $1000+. Gift card will be sent by email.

What does a small quantity promotional item mean?

Small quantity promotional items refer to branded merchandise or products that are ordered in relatively low quantities for promotional purposes. This means that businesses or organizations can fully design, print and distribute a smaller number of items compared to bulk orders. This approach has a significant impact on customers as it creates a sense of exclusivity and rarity. Customers often perceive small quantity promotional items as more valuable and desirable, leading to increased engagement and loyalty. Whether it's a limited edition keychain or a unique branded pen, these items can make customers feel special and appreciated.

Popular Reasons to Order Small Quantity Promotional Items

Here are some of the top reasons that companies are looking for products that come with a low minimum order value. Here are popular reasons why ordering small amounts can be a smart move for your brand.

Produce Less Waste, Be More Sustainability

In an era where sustainability matters, ordering small quantities aligns with the eco-friendly trend. Minimize waste by only producing what you need for your next round of promotional giveaways. Reduce your environmental footprint with these promo items while still promoting your brand and creating more brand awareness.

Dip Your Toes In Without Breaking the Bank

Ever hesitated to order promotional products because of the large minimum order quantities you find? Small quantity orders let you test the waters without a major financial plunge. A cost-effective way to save money can be ordering a small amount at a time. Since many of these items are also a bit more expensive, ordering small amounts would be perfect for any employee gifts

Tailor-Made for Tight Budgets

Small quantity orders of promotional products allow you to allocate your offline marketing budget strategically. Get quality promotional items without compromising on your overall yearly budget, regardless of how much that is.

Ideal for Startups and Small Businesses

Money can often be tight for small businesses in the beginning. It might not be possible to bulk order a variety of items right off the bat. Small quantity promotional items are your ticket to creating a buzz without placing all your resources in one area of marketing. Build brand awareness step by step, and as your business grows, so can your promotional efforts.

Perfect for Special Events and Limited-Time Offers

Got an upcoming event or a short-term promotion? Ordering in small quantities is the perfect solution. Unlike a trade show, special events might be more time sensitive, meaning you don’t want to spend money on items that will be dated. With these low amount items, you can brand items specifically for the occasion without worrying about excess inventory cluttering your storage room after the event is over. 

Stay Flexible with Your Marketing Strategy

Flexibility is key to staying ahead of the game in the fast-paced business world. Small quantity orders grant you the freedom to switch up your promotional game plan more frequently without worrying about spending too much or having too many extras. Whether you're experimenting with new designs or adapting to seasonal trends, the power to change is in your hands.

Advantage of low minimum purchases

Ordering small amounts of branded products offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, it allows for greater flexibility and experimentation. While the price per unit might cost more compared to items that can be bulk ordered, this usually ensures a better quality in the product. With these low minimum amounts, companies can test different product ideas, designs, or slogans without committing to large quantities. This reduces the risk of investing in bulk orders that may not resonate with customers. Additionally, small quantity orders are more cost-effective, especially for businesses with limited marketing budgets. It enables companies to engage in targeted marketing campaigns, focusing on specific events or target audiences. By tailoring promotional items to match the preferences and interests of their customers, businesses can achieve a higher return on investment. If you want to send out high-end corporate gifts or branded gifts in general, smaller amounts are often more beneficial.

Make use of Small quantities at these events

Small quantity promotional items can be handed out in a variety of settings, making them versatile marketing tools. Trade shows and exhibitions are ideal places to distribute these items, as they attract a diverse range of potential customers and industry professionals. Offering branded products at these events helps to create brand awareness, generate leads, and initiate conversations. Combining low minimum order products such as padfolios with bulk items like lanyards, you can create an even longer lasting impression with people. Similarly, branded gifts given to employees, clients, or partners can strengthen business relationships and enhance brand recognition. Furthermore, small quantity promotional items can be used as incentives for contests, giveaways, or social media campaigns, increasing customer engagement and expanding the reach of the brand. Whether it's a promotional event, conference, or even a local community gathering, the key is to identify the right audience and seize opportunities to distribute these items effectively. For example, maybe you can use these items as prizes for any booth games you might offer.

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