Level Up Your Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Seasonal Oct 25, 2023

Black Friday is one of the busiest times of the year. In order to have the best possible Black Friday, we suggest you come up with a clear and straight forward plan. We have complied some of the most helpful Black Friday marketing ideas for you to implement in your upcoming campaign.

Black Friday Promotional Products

You might be thinking, what do promotional products have to do with Black Friday? While Black Friday is mostly considered to be a retail shopping day for electronics, tech, clothing and more. However, promotional products can still have their place during this time. There are various ways you can bring promotional items with logos into your Black Friday marketing strategy this year.

If you are a company looking to boost your sales or brand awareness this Black Friday, you should get started here. Here are some of our tips to help you prepare for the best Black Friday starting from now. Learn about the different ways you can apply Black Friday marketing ideas into your strategy this year.

Black Friday Campaign Planning

Firstly, the best approach to a campaign is the planning part. While it might seem too early to start thinking about and planning your Black Friday strategy, you will be shocked to hear that it can never be too early to start. If you want to complete a successful campaign for your store or business, then ideally, you should start to organize and plan around summer or early fall.

Be sure to consider things like your budget, your time frame and the overall goal you would like to achieve. This can help you make a clear campaign plan to engage with your target audience.

Promote Offline Marketing with Promotional Gifts

For companies that run traditional commerce stores, a popular promotion during this time is a free gift with purchase. Some brands might even hand out bundle gift sets with purchase. Through the use of promotional items, you can create more brand awareness and loyalty during this intense shopping season. 

This Black Friday marketing strategy can also be used to encourage your customers to buy more at your store. This small incentive can have a big impact. Plus, people will remember your company better if they receive something free with purchase.

Show Appreciation with Corporate Gifts

Black Friday is a time when companies can send out promotional items as gifts to top clients or employees. Everyone will be out searching for the latest sales and deals, but you as a brand, can focus on giving back to your most loyal demographic.

There is a lot of work that goes into coming up with Black Friday marketing ideas and campaigns. Now is the time to show your staff how much you appreciate them and their hard work. Choose thoughtful employee gifts to help make this busy and stressful time more enjoyable and less intense.

To ensure your products arrive on time for Christmas, we suggest you take a look at our 48-hour express products. These items will be products within 48 hours. Within a turnaround that quick, you cannot afford to not buy something!

Make Black Friday More Sustainable

Some brands and companies might have reservations about Black Friday. While it can promote overconsumption, there are ways to combat that. When choosing a promotional product, consider one that is marked as eco-friendly swag

Did you know? According to our case study, we concluded that on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the least important and 5 being the most important), most people viewed eco-friendly products as 3.5.

This means the product is made in a sustainable way, such as the materials used. Consider choosing products that are practical and can be used long after your audience receives the gift.

Black Friday & Promotional Items - It Just Works

There you have it! There are many ways you can incorporate promotional products into your Black Friday marketing idea and strategy. Do you have any questions for our promotional product experts? Then consider reaching out to us via our contact form to get all the information you need.

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