Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.
Valid sitewide on orders of $500 or more. Max. discount is $30. Valid for online shop orders only.

Opting for sustainable promotional Christmas gifts instead of a single use item for your employees is a fantastic way to demonstrate your company's commitment to the environment. By ordering eco-friendly items, you support sustainability while showcasing your values. Plan to distribute these gifts in mid to late December, and consider options like reusable bottles, recycled paper notebooks, or potted plants. Embrace a greener holiday season and inspire your employees to make a positive impact on the planet! Check out the rest of our eco-friendly products to be inspired.

Shop for Sustainable Corporate Christmas Gifts

Looking for sustainable promotional Christmas gifts for your employees? You're on the right track! An eco-friendly corporate Christmas is all about promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Opting for more sustainable promotional items for your employees makes perfect sense in today's world. Not only does it align with your company's values, but it also sends a positive message about your commitment to the planet.

Ordering sustainable promotional items for your employees showcases your dedication to environmental responsibility. By choosing products made from recycled materials, organic fabrics, or renewable resources, you contribute to a greener future. Plus, many eco-friendly items are durable and high-quality, ensuring that your employees will enjoy them for a long time.

When to hand out employee holiday gifts

When should you hand out these earth-friendly employee Christmas gifts? Plan for mid to late December, allowing your employees to celebrate the holiday season while being mindful of their environmental impact. Consider distributing them during a company-wide event or surprising employees individually, adding an extra element of excitement to the occasion.

Example of Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Now, let's talk about what makes a great earth-friendly employee holiday gift. There are plenty of eco-conscious options to choose from! Some examples include reusable water bottles made from stainless steel or glass, eco-friendly notebooks crafted from recycled paper, or sustainable tote bags made from organic cotton. Another idea is to offer employees potted plants or seedling kits to promote green living and bring a touch of nature to their workspace.

In general, a sustainable gift is something that can be used more than once. This means, while we do have a wide selection of eco-friendly promotional products, not all of these sustainable corporate Christmas gifts are labeled as eco-friendly. Consider ordering some of these products that can be used and loved throughout the year. Choose products that will be beneficial throughout the year instead of a one time gimmick thing.

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