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Promotional Coloring Pencils For Your Business

Custom Colored Pencils With Your Logo or Message

Our coloring pencils can become your favorite promotional product. Not only are they playful, but useful as well; these coloring pencil sets contain a sharpener as well. Perfect for schools or restaurants to provide for coloring or you can provide them for a team project at your next corporate retreat. There are many uses for color pencils that will allow you to share your creativity and express your ideas in a colorful manner 

Advantages of Coloring Pencils

We believe coloring pencils have the following advantages:

  • Affordable prices
  • A fun and useful corporate gift
  • Can be used by adults and kids alike
  • Playful but useful gift
  • Puts your logo on proud display for a long time


Why are coloring pencils so popular?

Coloring pencils are a popular gift due to their playfulness and affordable prices. This means that both adults and kids can use this wonderful gift, at work or at home, no matter the occasion many business models need to be designed on paper, for example, an architect may want colored pencils while on a site to delegate different layers of meanings to each color. Almost every restaurant in the country either gives crayons or colored pencils with their branding for kids to stay entertained during the meal. Our colored pencils lay down smoothly and are easily used for any project.  

Why should I consider coloring pencils for my marketing campaign?

Colored pencils are not just thought of for kids anymore and if your business is in the market to purchase packs for your employees or clients, do not miss out on a marketing opportunity that can bring you more brand exposure and look professional. You should absolutely consider our customizable coloring pencils for your next marketing campaign to make yourself stand out above the competition. Upload your logo and you have a great promotional product that you can share with clients, employees, and other practical audiences that would enjoy the gift of useful and personalized colored pencils.

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