IKEA Case Study - The use of custom promotional items at key moments

Industry Insights November 29, 2021

IKEA came to allbranded for a useful and exceptional giveaway for their customers as well as their employees to celebrate their anniversary.


About the Company

IKEA is a multinational furniture company founded in Sweden in 1943. Due to the franchise concept, the company has numerous locations around the world. IKEA envisions to improve people's everyday life through a large selection of well-designed functional furniture items.

The Challenge

To celebrate the company's anniversary, IKEA Mannheim, Germany wanted to do something extraordinary. The company considered giving out an exceptional but useful gift on the occasion of the anniversary. The target audience included customers as well as employees. The challenge was to create a product that appeals to both groups equally and which can be used in everyday life. A consistent usage is the only way to achieve the desired advertising impact. The quality must be high enough so that customers and employees are reminded of the occasion even after many years of use.

The Solution

When looking for a promotional products dealer, the organizers came across allbranded. After extensive advice from the service staff and weighing up various options, IKEA Mannheim decided on high-quality polyester lanyards. These were completely printed in the style of an IKEA tape measure. This means that the lanyard can be used as a correct measuring tape at any instance and remind customers of why IKEA is so important and different when measuring small areas for the next new piece of furniture.

The Implementation & The Result

In order to meet the high quality standards of IKEA Mannheim, various domestic and overseas suppliers were contacted. After successful order and production, and a subsequent quality check, the items were sent directly from the producer to the IKEA location in Mannheim to guarantee a fast delivery. The routine process combined with a large network of partners led to on-time delivery and another satisfied customer.

The result was a sturdy lanyard that could easily be converted into a tape measure. Thanks to the attractive design, both customers and employees were happy to receive the lanyards and thus convey the brand in a positive way.


“The lanyards from allbranded have impressed customers and employees alike. Particularly noteworthy are the very good workmanship and functionality, which cannot be found with every promotional item."

Jan Bröckelmann, Local Marketing, IKEA.