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Promotional Board Games Printed With Your Logo or Message

Custom Board Games Are A Unique & Interactive Promotional Giveaway

Most people enjoy a nice board game when at home or visiting friends. Custom board games are a wonderful personal gift that anyone would be thankful to receive, so why not help market your business and enhance the visibility of your company at the same time? Provide them with a customized board game with your logo printed on it. Your audience will appreciate the thoughtful gift, while you bring more brand awareness to your company each time they decide to enjoy their time with their game of choice.

Types of Personalized Board Games We Offer

At allbranded we offer promotional board games that are fun for everyone. Our board games are high quality and provide hours of enjoyment. Here are a few of our most popular board games you can customize:

  • Lifestyle 7-in-1 Desktop Game Set (checkers, chess, backgammon, 28 dominoes, cribbage, board and pegs, standard deck of cards, four dice)
  • Tumbling Tower Wood Block Stacking Game
  • 5 Minute Timer
  • 4 Piece Coaster Game Set
  • Icon Mental Block
  • All it takes is one instance when your custom board game is used to remember your brand, and during pandemic times it may get used more often than you think when most spend more time indoors.

    Marketing Benefits of Custom Board Games

    No one can deny that receiving a unique board game is interactive and a great gift, but when customized with your branding it makes it even more special as it shows that your company went out of its way to provide something that its target audience will truly enjoy and find useful in their day to day. Anyone who receives a personalized board game with your logo on it will not forget your brand and be so thankful towards your company for thinking of them. It also goes without saying that most enjoy a board game and they last years so you can have marketing that could last for years to come.

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