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Promotional Blankets Printed or Embroidered With Your Logo Or Message

Custom Blankets Are A Unique & Personal Promotional Giveaway

In the warmer months of the year, people tend to sit outside in their backyard or in the park and will often bring blankets so that they can sit on the ground. In the colder months, these same can also be used inside, to get cozy and warm on the couch. These promotional blankets can be used all year round, so why not help market your business and enhance the visibility of your company at the same time?. These will also have a unique factor, while your competitors are giving out personalized mugs and pens, your brand will be remembered for being different and providing the gift on a more personal level.

Types of Personalized Blankets We Offer

At allbranded we have a nice variety of promotional blankets that vary in terms of price, functionality, and appearance. Our blankets are high quality and made from the best materials that your audience will enjoy. Here are a few of our most popular blankets you can customize:

  • Tentree Organic Cotton Juniper Blanket
  • Tentree Organic Cotton Peaks Woven Blanket
  • Field & Co. Recycled PET Oversized Picnic Blanket
  • 100% Recycled PET Fleece Blanket
  • Field & Co. 100% Recycled PET Sherpa Blanket
  • Herringbone Throw Blanket
  • Double-Sided Reversible Plush Blanket
  • All it takes is one instance when your custom blanket is used to remember your brand, and when it is in their home or outdoors they will surely think of your company for the comfortable gift

    Marketing Benefits of Custom Print or Embroidered Blankets

    No one can deny that receiving a top-quality blanket with great comfort is a great gift, but when customized with your branding it makes it even more special as it shows that your company went out of its way to provide something that its target audience will truly enjoy and find useful in their day to day. Anyone who receives a personalized blanket with your logo on it will not forget your brand and be so thankful to your company for thinking of them. It also goes without saying that a nice blanket is relaxing and a more personal gift, it will definitely be a winner for your business as a promotional gift.

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