Eclipse Your Competition with Black Color Psychology in Marketing

Marketing Trends Aug 09, 2023

Read to learn about what makes black in marketing so powerful. Discover the symbolic, cultural and psychological impact black has on customers when used in a company logo. Learn how you can harness the sleek and stylish color into boosting your brand image and awareness through promotional marketing.

Black Color Psychology in Marketing

Black is modern, dark and powerful. It is elegant and serious - black is ambivalent, thereby enabling it to present everything possible, making it a great potential for marketers to use in their logo. Companies use the influence of color in advertising to push their company values and emotions even further. All it takes to get started is a basic understanding of color psychology. There are three aspects when thinking about maximizing a color’s impact: symbolic impact, cultural impact, and psychological impact. In this post, we will discuss all of those elements in relation to black color psychology.

The symbolic and cultural impact of the color black

The symbolic effect of colors is based on tradition or classic idioms. Many of which are still used in the English vernacular today, black humor for example. Black humor is macabre and funny at the same time. It makes light of a dark subject matter or it takes dark themes and tries to bring some humor to them.

The meaning of black has sometimes striking differences in different cultures. In Western cultures, black often means death, mourning and transience. On the other hand, in some cultures, black is the symbolic color of fertility and renewal.

Use the emotional effect of the color black properly

In addition to the symbolic and cultural effect of the color black, its psychological aspects are much more important for marketing. On the one hand, black appears threatening and oppressive as the color seems to take over everything. Black can cause a feeling of heaviness, even to the point of depression as the color seems to darken and absorb all other colors.

On the other hand, black exudes an intriguing effect. The dark color conveys stability and has a reassuring effect. It is often used in a modern way to give off a sleek and sophisticated energy. Contrasting colors are also associated with the color black. While black has stood for mourning, death and bad luck for generations, associations such as elegance, practicality, dignity and strength are coming to the fore today. Black has a classic and solemn character. Black symbolizes luxury, professionalism and modernity. A lighter or more toned down version, but is still neutral, is the color is gray. Gray is also considered depressive and looks monotonous, but gives off a lighter emotion as it is not as dark or heavy as the color black.

Black - The booster for your brand

Consider the impact of color to boost the success of your advertising efforts. Based on color psychology, you determine the colors for your corporate identity, the corporate design and the development of a logo and other creatives. Also in campaigns or the website - the color is often the first and maybe only interaction your target audience might have with your brand or company. Which is why it is important to choose the right color for your company and overall brand in order to convey the appropriate message or emotional response to your business.

Black, or a lighter and more toned down black is often used in corporate designs. Gray is the ideal color for technical companies. However, in the right combination and imagery it is also a promotionally effective choice for creative and fun brands. For example, gray or black can be the complementary color to a brighter or happier color, like orange or blue. Gray looks very modern and often more harmonious than black due to the lower contrast. As a metallic gray, silver is a bit more valuable and noble than normal gray. With silver you significantly upgrade your product or your brand, with some of the most common examples being Apple, Swarovski, Toyota.

Awaken emotions in your target group with black promotional items

Have you missed the right color for your corporate look? Then it goes on with the appropriate selection of marketing measures. Promotional items have an emotional effect just like colors. Due to their haptic character, black promotional gifts are a promotional item with a direct emotional connection. This strengthens the relationship between you and your target audience. In the allbranded online shop you will find a large selection of black promotional items. Which many times, gives the product an elevated and classic look and feel to the product. Traditional and popular promotional items such as mugs, tote or shopping bags and pens are available in any color, including black, of course.

Our tip for you, technical products such as power banks and serious promotional items such as notebooks look very high-quality and elegant in black. Complete the effect of the color black and choose a suitable material for the black promotional gift. High-gloss material goes well with a professional and serious color like black. Matte surfaces also look classy, especially when in black.

If you don’t want your product to be black, you can always choose the color black for your logo, which can be printed on the product. This alternative option gives your product a special wow-effect when printed on a brightly colored item. The contrast of black on another color also can bring more attention to the logo itself, giving your company even more brand recognition in the long run. In our online store, you can print your black promotional item with your individual print. It is important to consider that writing on a black background requires effort to read. If you're printing words on a black background (a black promotional item), make sure it's legible. This is something you can check on when you approve the artwork proof before your product goes in for production. When deciding on a font for your artwork or logo, be sure to choose a clear bold font and sufficient spacing between the letters so it will be legible once printed.

Black is the all-rounder for your advertising

Black is a very versatile color for marketing. Complement black with other colors of your corporate design or use black as an eye-catcher and overall focal point for your campaigns. Where and how much black you use depends on your brand, industry, and target audience. Ultimately, you want your brand to be visible and to grab attention. The color black proves to be a tried and tested means of accompanying desired emotions. Increase your advertising success and buy black promotional items directly in the allbranded online shop.