Yellow in Marketing: The Sunshine Hue That Brightens Up Ads

Marketing Trends Jul 20, 2023

Color psychology and marketing go hand in hand. The choice of color for branding, for advertising and co. affects whether you like or dislike something. And thus on the direct behavior of the target group. For our color in marketing series, today we will continue to follow the yellow brick road to one of the happiest colors out there, yellow!

Yellow in Marketing

When it comes to the world of marketing, colors play a significant role in conveying messages and evoking emotions. What color radiates, shines and warms you all over? The color yellow! From vibrant sunflowers to refreshing sour lemons, yellow has long been associated with warmth, happiness, and energy. These are some of the positive properties that also make yellow a popular color in advertising. Many companies are capitalizing on the cheerful nature of the color yellow and branding themselves in various shades of yellow. How does the color yellow work? What specific kinds of emotions will be invoked with yellow? How can I use them profitably for my marketing? allbranded explains!

How does the color yellow work?

Of all the bright colors, yellow is the brightest. Yellow is optimistic and dynamic, spreads a good mood and provides energy. The richer the yellow, the warmer and more positive we perceive it. Freshness and liveliness are associated with lighter color gradations. But yellow can also be different. Historically, yellow has represented wealth, royalty on one hand, but also cowardice and disease on the other. In addition, yellow is also often considered to have a signaling effect. Yellow marks dangerous goods, like radioactive material, or the yellow card in soccer because it is an attention grabbing color. Yellow's closest relative in the rainbow is orange. Orange in marketing, like yellow, is friendly and bright. Activity and informality are combined with familiarity and creativity. Did you know that? Orange has an appetizing effect. Plus, orange is claiming a seasonal event: Halloween.

Emotions unleashed from yellow in marketing:

Yellow is undoubtedly a vibrant color that triggers an array of emotions. Here are a few key feelings associated with yellow:

  • Joy and Optimism: Yellow has an innate ability to uplift moods and infuse optimism into any marketing message. It exudes a sense of happiness, energy, and brightness, making it perfect for brands that want to create a positive and cheerful impression.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Yellow is often associated with creative thinking and innovation. It can stimulate the mind, encourage brainstorming, and evoke a sense of curiosity, making it an excellent choice for brands in the creative industries.
  • Warmth and Friendliness: The warmth of yellow can create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It evokes a sense of approachability and can help foster a connection between a brand and its audience.

Color psychology & yellow in marketing

Color psychology plays an important role in advertising. Placed in the right context, yellow makes an important contribution to the success of your brand communication. Yellow is an absolutely powerful color. Even from a distance, it – and with it your message – catches the eye. When you use yellow as the main element in your marketing campaigns, you always look at the complete presentation. Overall, a clear and reserved use of color works very well. If you use yellow in the logo, we recommend framing the yellow elements with a different color. In this way, the edges are better delineated and the effect of the yellow logo is intensified. A reduced use of the color yellow is also promising. Yellow accents are perfect for small promotional items. For example, call-to-actions on websites or advertising banners.

The full orange/yellow spectrum associates activity. Bright call-to-actions stand out from the environment and encourage action. In addition, the color orange communicates good value for money. Be careful not to use too much in the wrong place as the color is quickly associated with discounts and cheapness. Yellow too, can quickly come across as cheap and obtrusive in bright variants. Your job is to find the exact middle ground between the power of red and bright yellow that suits your business. Always beware of cheesy and cheap. Make compromises if necessary in order to appear more friendly, gentle and elegant.

Industries embracing yellow in their brand or logo

Numerous companies, brands, organizations and industries have harnessed the power of yellow to enhance their brand identities. Let's take a look at a few examples of famous American brands that utilize the color yellow in their marketing and advertising efforts:

Food and Beverages: The fast-food industry, or the gastronomy industry, is known for its quick service and cheerful atmosphere, often incorporating yellow into their logos. One very famous example, McDonald's, with its iconic golden arches. Yellow can often stimulate appetite and adds a dash of energy to food branding. Plus, it helps that mustard is also the color yellow to invoke even more mouth-watering intrigue.

Technology and Innovation: Companies aiming to showcase their progressive and forward-thinking nature often opt for yellow. Take Best Buy for instance, it employs a vibrant yellow tagline to symbolize their commitment to innovation and a bright customer experience. The IT & tech industry also wants to show off their skills while also displaying their youthfulness.

Entertainment and Media: The entertainment industry utilizes yellow to grab attention and communicate excitement. The famous movie production company, DreamWorks Animation, uses a playful yellow moon as its emblem, suggesting a magical and adventurous experience. It makes sense to take advantage of the color to promote their more whimsical stories.

Print your logo on yellow promotional items

Promotional items printed with a logo are an important marketing tool. Yellow looks great on a variety of promotional items that attract attention, lanyards for example or umbrellas . Our classic promotional products are available in the many different colors of the rainbow. You can order branded corporate merchandise printed with your logo quickly and cheaply from allbranded. Yellow looks just as good on summer promotional products with a logo. Yellow T-shirts and apparel in general, convey a super positive feeling, which could be great to use for your new and updated company swag or work uniform. Use the diverse design options at allbranded and order your yellow promotional item branded with your company logo online now.

Yellow, with its radiant and cheerful nature, has become an integral part of marketing strategies across various industries. By harnessing all the emotions it invokes, companies and brands alike can create a positive and memorable brand experience. From popular food companies and technology stores to entertainment giants and beyond, yellow finds its place among iconic American brands with this color adding a sunny touch to their logos and identities. So, next time you're brainstorming a marketing campaign or designing a brand, don't forget the power of yellow—it's sure to make your message shine!