The Blue Print: Decoding the Impact of Blue Psychology in Marketing

Marketing Trends August 03, 2023

Keep calm and choose the color blue for your brand logo or company design. Blue is one of the most popular colors and for good reason. With very few negative connotations, the color blue in marketing can often bring positive emotions of relaxation and calm. Decode the impact of blue psychology in marketing and why it makes sense to bulk order some blue promotional items for your next trade show or business conference.

Blue in Marketing

Colors have power. One of these powers is the fact that they influence our feelings and our actions. It goes beyond whether or not someone likes a color or not, especially in advertising and marketing. The use of color plays an important role in marketing because certain colors can cause a certain reaction or invoke a certain feeling. Therefore, we will continue through the rainbow today and decode the impact of blue psychology in marketing.

Blue is the world's most popular color. For instance, it is the color of the sky, the color of water and so much more in nature. For this reason, blue is often considered to be serious, trusting and refreshing. Brands take advantage of the positive influence of the color blue and design their company colors and logos in various shades of blue. This blog post illustrates all the basics on the topics of color symbolism and color psychology in marketing in a practical way - so that you can maximize the use of blue for your marketing purposes.

The emotional impact of the color blue

Why is blue such a popular color? Because there are almost exclusively positive mental connections to it. Common adjectives that describe the symbolism of the color blue are often trustworthy, reliable, no-nonsense, strong and composed. However, there are not only positive associations, as sometimes blue is thought to be cold, melancholy and distant. Blue is often thought to calm down the body and help it relax. The blue sky, the blue sea: both have a very peaceful and relaxing effect on us.

Blue in marketing: Color as a brand booster

Colors have a crucial impact on the success of your marketing. A well thought-out color concept does not start with the logo and does not end with the stationery. The corporate color is reflected in all sales or branding campaigns, in every single graphic, in the wall color in the office and the various company swag. Due to its consistently positive associations, blue has great potential as a branding color. Dark blue radiates seriousness, which is why the color is increasingly used in the tech and financial sectors. Some of the world's most famous brands use blue as part of their branding, including some tech giants like IBM, Facebook, American Express and PayPal. Blue is also just as common in the cosmetics and medical industries as we mentioned because of the calming emotions it sparks. Nivea and Oral-B are well-known examples of beauty brands that take advantage of the color blue. Hence our tip: blue usually fits very well with a business where trust is an important part of the customer relationship. Blue exudes professionalism, honesty and loyalty. Give your customers a feeling of security and drive your company forward as solid and innovative.

Like any other color, blue has different shades:

  • Light blue is reminiscent of water and ice and is commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning products.
  • Turquoise and other shades of blue that tend towards green appear young and relaxed. Turquoise, in particular, is suitable for companies with a creative and progressive corporate core and the lifestyle industry.
  • Bright blue gives your brand a refreshing look and charges it with energy. For relaxed and calming effects, choose a pastel blue. honesty and loyalty.

Give away blue promotional items

A uniform brand image also includes the selection of matching blue promotional items. Increase the emotional advertising impact of promotional gifts and choose a blue promotional item from the allbranded online shop. Or choose a more neutral color, like black or white, then add a pop of color with a blue logo print on the side. A blue promotional giveaway strengthens the relationship with your target group. The classic promotional items such as pens, mugs and bags are available from our online shop in many different colors - including blue, of course. Blue stands for cleanliness and is therefore an excellent match for products from the Cosmetics & Wellness category. Whether hand balm or lip balm - with blue cosmetics promotional items you convey trust and naturalness.

Marketers have it easy with the color blue. Blue suits many companies and brands across a variety of industries or services. While there are almost no negative associations with this color, blue is everywhere. This means, your brand might get lost in the sea of blue companies, hence our final tip: set yourself apart and stand out. Stand out with intelligent color combinations. Blue goes very well with white since white is a more neutral color. Blue also does with yellow and red since those three make up the primary colors. Or choose a logo design that uses other elements to make your brand stand out.