Green Color Psychology: Unleashing the Power of Green in Marketing

Marketing Trends Jul 26, 2023

In this chapter of color psychology in marketing, we will dive into the color green. What sort of feelings do the color green bring out in us? What type of companies are often associated with the color? Do different shades of green make a difference for marketing purposes? Discover all of this and more when you check out our next post about the color green in marketing.

Green Color Psychology

Green is very versatile and is often considered to be happy with many positive associations. Hope, naturalness, health, wealth, nature - green is a good color. It is also a good color for marketing. Green conveys pleasant feelings and sends emotional signals. This influences the attitude of your target group towards your company and their purchasing decision. A basic understanding of color psychology is enough to take advantage of the influence of the color green in advertising. Lesson 1: Three aspects are important in color theory: symbolic impact, cultural impact, and psychological impact. In this post, we will talk about those three points in relation to the color green.

The color symbolism and cultural significance of the color green

Idioms, traditions and historical events shape the symbolic effect of colors and are still anchored in our vocabulary today. For example, we have phrases like “green with envy.” The color green can also often indicate the emotion of jealousy. The idea that green is equal to jealousy is thought to have origins from William Shakespeare's play Othello. Cultures are shaped by these differences, not only in languages and customs, but also regarding the meaning of colors. In Islamic countries, for example, green stands for religion and is used there exclusively in a religious context whereas in Western cultures, the color green enjoys more diverse areas of application.

The color psychology of the color green

The emotional impact of colors is the most important aspect for marketing. For a successful brand presentation, you should definitely consider the color psychology of different colors. When defining your corporate design as well as when designing the website and developing the company logo, you should take the colors and the emotions they evoke into consideration. Green is perceived as a very calm color and is pleasant for our eyes to look at. Positive associations with the color green are balance, calm, harmony and health. Even more associations with the color include growth, new beginnings and nature, money and wealth. Of course, the effect of the color green depends on the shading too. Different hues can evoke different emotions. Dark green, for example, has a calming and confident effect. It is often seen as standing for closeness to nature. Lighter shades of color appear lively, fresh and young. Negative associations associated with green are envy and jealousy, as mentioned above. Green even goes so far that the color has physical effects on viewers. Green can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Perhaps this is true because green is the opposite red on the color wheel, giving it the opposite effect. Where red can cause rage and increase heart rates, green does the opposite.

Green in corporate marketing

The success of your brand depends not insignificantly on the use of colors in your corporate design. This includes not only the design of your logo, but also that of your website and your products. Ultimately, in some cases, the color of the logo, brand or even website can be the reason why someone likes or doesn’t like your company.


Green stands for environmental awareness and closeness to nature, which is why it makes sense for eco-friendly companies to take advantage of this color. Green is the flagship for companies that are dedicated to sustainable topics or offer natural products. With a green look you convey competence in the field of nature. Brown is another similar color that can often be seen as natural and therefore more sustainable.


Green is the color of hope and is associated with health - the reason why green is also used a lot in the health sector and the food industry. Green is therefore particularly suitable for companies that offer natural food and drink or market environmentally friendly products. In many cases, products that are organic will take advantage of the green and brown combination as this can symbolize the food comes directly from the ground. In many cases, spas and other wellness centers will take advantage of the calming effects from the color. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies themselves often use the color green for this same reason.


Green is often used in design to indicate wealth of good financial standing as the calming color is frequently associated with money. The explanation of why the color green is present in the logos of, for example, Starbucks and Land Rover. The brands embody wealth and let customers believe that they are acquiring something of great value. The green in their design elevates their brand from a discount or cheap brand, to something more expensive or high-end. It can also showcase a brand or company that is healthy or it gives you the feeling of freedom in nature. Financial services also like to use green in their logos due to this association. Bright shades of green are used by companies for vibrant and creative design concepts.

Green at work for your brand

Are you just starting out and defining your corporate identity? Then we start from the beginning. Choose the official company colors based on the findings of color psychology. Match the impact of colors with your company attributes - what color or feel does your company match or want to evoke? Choose the color that best aligns with company values. In order to help you choose your design, start by answering these questions:

  • What is your product or service and what does it stand for?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Who is your target audience?

Based on the answer to these questions, the colors are selected for the logo, the website and other advertising material. In the end, the corporate colors should be reflected in all areas of your brand, ranging from something as similar as a font color on a promotional item to the overall brand colors on the website. With the right color you influence the behavior of your target group consciously and subconsciously.

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Choose the color green for your company if it reaches all areas of the company. Once you have chosen a shade of green, be sure to also design your advertising material in this same color. Much like specific colors, promotional items have an emotional effect too. The right promotional item in the right color is the ideal combination for the success of your marketing campaign. Green promotional gifts are convincing with a positive charisma and a haptic character. Printed with your logo, they strengthen the relationship with your customers, your employees and your business contacts - or win new target groups.

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Green: Spring fever for your brand

Green is a color with many shades and it is a very positive and happy color. Since green is perceived as very pleasant by the human eye, you don't need to be stingy with the color. Make your brand visible and grab the attention of your target audience with green. The color green is great for evoking emotions from calming effects to wealth, health and more. Give your brand a green image boost and buy green promotional items directly from our online shop. To learn even more about the 8 steps to create your own brand, read more here.