Do You Send Out Corporate Gifts? You Should and Here's Why.

General News & Updates Nov 20, 2023

People are all abuzz right now. It is the end of the year and most people are thinking about corporate Christmas gifts. While this is a great chance to show your appreciation for your team and customers, you should be doing this all year round. We are here to show you and convert you to send out corporate gifts all year round. If you were not already convinced, we break down why you should send out corporate gifts this year and next.

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Do you send out corporate gifts? You should, and here's why! Let us break down the reasons why it would make sense for your company to send out corporate gifts this year to anyone and everyone you know. If your company has sent out a few promotions or has never sent any at all, you are missing out on a large opportunity to brand yourself. You are missing out on branding your company to your customer base and partners. Show them that you truly value their business! Here are 6 occasions and reasons why you should be handing out corporate gifts.

1. Appreciation

Starting off strong, appreciation. One of the best ways to show your clients, employees, customers and partners that you value them is to send them a gift. Corporate gifts are great for employees to boost morale and give them something back for all their hard work building a successful company.

The company as the gifter benefits from the branding on the gift as in most cases it is best to send something that is useful and cool that the receipt will use often and remember your brand. When your target audience receives something that is meaningful and can be useful daily with your branding on it, they will most likely keep you in mind.

As most corporate gifting is focused towards clients or partners, it is important to also think about your employees. They are the ones who put in all the hard work all year. Giving employee gifts boosts morale and lets them know they are seen for their hard work and dedication to the company. Without them, there would be no company to celebrate success.

2. Holiday Celebrations

Again, with the holidays around the corner, this is the perfect time to find some high-end promotional items to send out. Consider hosting a company-wide event where you can pass out these gifts while celebrating the achievements of your company over the last year.

3. Product Launches

Drum up support for your newest product or service launch with some promotional giveaways. Hand these out during your event to give people something they will remember you by long after. This is one of the best ways to stay on the top of everyone’s mind who attends this product launch.

4. Company Events

Consider handing out unique promotional items to hand out as fun little goodies for any of your company events. Whether that is a team building event or even a larger event, these types of corporate gifts are perfect. Again, what better way to make memories that last a long time than with branded gifts.

5. Onboarding Gifts

First impressions are important, which is why you want to make sure you have a good one with any new employees you might hire. Consider creating a custom box filled with promotional apparel, accessories and more to give to your new hires. They will appreciate that their new company will have provided them with such thoughtful corporate gifts.

6. Remote Work

Many companies have switched from fully remote work to back in the office full time or or a hybrid option. However, since many people are still working remotely, it makes sense to hand out these types of gifts to your remote employees. They will feel appreciation from a company that sends out such thoughtful gifts. It helps to keep them connected to the rest of the team.

If you have not sent out corporate gifts in the past and your competitor has, who do you think will retain a better relationship with your clients? If you know your competitors are not doing this, then what is stopping you from gifting a few useful items to make your target audience feel special and strengthen your relationship for future deals. Think about how when you have received a gift in the past whether it was something just cool to have like our tech gear or had more meaning to like our customizable photo frames, how did it make you feel? The overwhelming joy of receiving something from another person or company makes you feel special and you really know that they cared and took the time to give you that gift.

So if you are looking for a new avenue to show client or employee appreciation, and see the marketing value in branded products, make sure you give something that can be useful, fun, cool and memorable. Luckily for you, we have thousands of options to choose from our online shop. As an added bonus, we offer 48 hour express production for those rushed orders. Reach out to our customer service team today if you need any help finding the perfect gift.