Advertising Print

Advertising printing is the design and printing of promotional items, for example with an individual advertising message, a company logo or a artwork that is used for advertising purposes. The advertising print on a product or article aims to achieve a positive advertising effect. The person receiving the gift should come into direct contact with the company's advertising message, so that it is remembered.

Target of advertising print

  • Achieve a positive advertising effect on recipients
  • Communicate the company's positive image or message to the outside world
  • Increase trust and appreciation towards the company
  • Draw attention to the company, the service, an online shop or a product launch
  • Win long-term new customers for the company

Reasons for an advertising print products

Printed advertising items can be used on various occasions and thus ensure a positive advertising effect. Promotional items can be given away to customers or business contacts on the following occasions, for example:

  • Trade shows
  • Business conferences or events
  • Company anniversary
  • Seasonal occasions, e.g. at Christmas, Easter etc.
  • Celebration of long-term business relationships
  • Symbolic appreciation for loyal customers

Which articles are suitable for advertising printing?

There are almost no limits to creativity when selecting promotional items for advertising print or branding. Any product that can be designed in print can be used as a promotional product. In addition to different materials such as paper, textiles or plastic, various printing processes can be used in advertising printing to give the product a personal touch. Possible articles that can be used for an advertising print are:

The advertising effect of an advertising print also depends to a large extent on the specific product. A commodity that is ideally used regularly in everyday life achieves a better advertising effect than a product that is only rarely used. Functional properties of an advertising branded product are advantageous, since the advertising message often comes into contact with the recipient, which means that it is better anchored in the memory of the person receiving the corporate gift.

The advantages of an advertising print at a glance

  • Advertising print on marketing or promotional giveaways is an effective marketing method to spread a company or brand message.
  • Advertising brand items have an enormous reach and ensure further visual contacts in the environment of the recipient.
  • Since articles with an advertising print remain in possession and are used longer, they achieve a greater advertising impact than, for example, radio spots or TV advertising or other forms of digital or online marketing campaigns.
  • There are no limits to creativity when it comes to advertising, printing or branding. A wide range of wishes and a variety of colors can be used to place the advertising message in the best possible way.
  • In contrast to other marketing measures, advertising print on promotional items is a cost-effective method of spreading advertising across the board at trade shows, conferences or events and attracting the attention of potential customers.
  • An advertising print has a positive effect on the image of a company due to the recognition value.
  • Many different color combinations and effects can be achieved through various high-quality finishing and printing techniques. This creates promotional items that stand out from the crowd.
  • Original and individual advertising print items attract more attention and are remembered longer than advertising media without advertising print.

Which advertising media are suitable for advertising printing?

The success of an advertising print largely depends on the quality and utility of the advertising medium. A promotional item that works flawlessly over a long period of time and proves to be a functional everyday helper is automatically positively associated with the company. A high-quality advertising branded product is seen as a promise of quality for the company and its products or services. Eye-catching advertising prints on promotional giveaways and branded corporate gifts are better perceived and noticed by the target group. An advertising print on seasonal advertising media increases the advertising effect many times over. Depending on the finishing technique, different advertising media are of course also suitable. With the help of screen printing, for example, textiles can be provided particularly well with an advertising print.

A high-quality advertising print turns promotional items into a noble and personal branded gift that can be handed out to very special customers and business partners. For example, a leather padfolio or a business bag can be refined with an advertising print and provide real joy at a company anniversary. Backpacks, scarves, USB flash drives or even other promotional items can be embellished individually and with a personal touch for an advertising print. Advertising printing is about conveying a message and, moreover, increasing the appreciation and trust towards the company. Therefore, the advertising print and articles should be characterized by high quality and good workmanship.

In addition, it is particularly well received by the recipients to present a branded corporate gift in a visually attractive packaging in order to increase the anticipation when unpacking it. In this way, not only the article itself is provided with an advertising print, but also the packaging. The question for companies is therefore not whether an advertising brand is worthwhile at all, but how the advertising print around the advertising message should best be designed on a promotional item in order to achieve the best possible advertising effect on the relevant target group.

What printing processes are there for advertising printing?

The selection of the printing process before an advertising print depends on various factors. Depending on the promotional item, costs and quality requirements, various finishing techniques are possible. The most common printing processes include:

  • Digital Printing
    Digital printing is mainly used to print banners, adhesive foils, signs, flags, catalogs, advertising flyers and brochures.
  • Flexographic Printing
    This finishing method is mainly used for packaging materials made of plastic, films or labels. Advertising print using the flexographic printing process is particularly suitable for promotional items in the gastronomy sector, such as flow packs filled with gummy bears or other goodies.
  • Flock Printing
    This pressure is particularly suitable for textile advertising material. Products such as T-shirts, backpacks, cotton bags or clothing can be finished with this printing technique.
  • Offset Printing
    Offset printing is used for printing on paper or cardboard. Information brochures, paper bags, flyers, catalogs, books, packaging, greeting cards or calendars can be best printed using this process.
  • Screen Printing
    This printing process is suitable for almost any material, such as paper, wood, textiles, metal, glass or plastic. Textile advertising media in particular can be refined particularly well with this process.
  • Pad Printing
    This method is particularly suitable for curved and uneven advertising material. Smaller promotional items such as bottle openers, ballpoint pens, stress relievers or keychains are printed using this printing technique.
  • Transfer Printing
    Transfer printing can be used in many ways. Promotional printing using this method is suitable for textiles and apparel, ceramic products, plastic products or metal articles.

Our conclusion

The advertising print on promotional items is a particularly effective marketing method to achieve a positive advertising effect on the intended target group. There are various printing processes to choose from, which can be used to place advertising messages on the promotional items. Depending on the requirements and wishes, it should be considered which printing process is particularly suitable for the individual advertising print.