What is doming?

Strictly speaking, doming is not a printing technique but a method of finishing an imprint to create special decorative three-dimensional effects. This type of branding is often used for stickers, labels, stickers or key rings. The print is usually produced using digital printing, as this print enables vibrant color results and high opacity. The printed designs are then cut out and covered with a special, lens-shaped transparent gel, creating a three-dimensional depth effect.

Depending on the number of pieces, the finishing step is carried out either by hand or by machine. If the coating is done by machine, special programming follows based on the print data for the respective edition. Using pneumatic technology, a method that works with air pressure, the doming machine precisely dispenses the required amount of gel onto the artwork imprint. It can happen that there are air pockets, which are later removed by a specialist with a special spatula. After hardening, the gel is a very durable and resistant material. In addition, it is water and abrasion resistant, which is particularly ideal for products that receive a lot of wear and tear such as stickers.

Which coating material is used for the doming?

Different coating materials can be used for the doming to create the decorative dome on the promotional product. However, nowadays it is widespread to use so-called two-component materials. These can be cured in a few minutes under UV light and have the great property that they remain transparent for years despite usage. In addition, they are very environmentally friendly as they are free of toxic components, easy to dispose of and easy to process, which makes it possible to quickly manufacture products for offline advertising, such as advertising. B. sticker allows.

In addition to the two-component materials, polyurethane can also be used to coat the prints. However, this has some disadvantages that make its use questionable. The material contains a toxic substance called isocyanates and, unlike its alternative material, is not at all environmentally friendly. It takes several hours to air dry and has a very short drip time, i.e. the time it has to be processed. In addition, after a certain period of time, the polyurethane loses its transparency and becomes yellow and brittle. For example, the gel on a sticker will no longer be transparent after a certain period of time and the motif will no longer be clearly visible. So it's a good idea to get involved in the production of the products for offline promotions to opt for the two-component materials right away. This not only protects the environment, but also gives the item years of high-quality usage.

Which advertising media can be refined using doming?

For the most part, stickers, decals, various foils and advertising logos are impressively finished with doming. This means that the possible uses of the doming are virtually limitless, since the refined logo can subsequently be attached to almost any promotional item, be it a label or a sticker. Its water resistance makes it perfect for outdoor promotional items such as umbrellas, jackets or stickers on which an advertising message can resist wind and water. Even keychains with stickers can be jazzed up using this ingenious finishing method. Due to the high abrasion resistance of the gel, an advertising message on products easily survives being carried around in a handbag or pants pocket and looks just like it did on the first day. In the same way, a ballpoint pen or a watch can easily be given the finishing touch with the doming technique.

Emphasizing an advertising logo using this finishing technique can have a great advertising effect, since the recipient will automatically run their finger over the logo when they touch the pen. The interesting feel ensures that a logo is even easier to remember and promotes longevity for the product and your overall brand. Cool effects can also be achieved on USB flash drives or power banks, as a cool giveaway at the next trade show or as a practical employee gift. Since doming is a state-of-the-art finishing technique that leaves companies with a future-oriented and quality-oriented image, it has a particularly strong effect on technical promotional gifts. With an advertising message on the frame, the sunglasses become the eye-catcher on the beach and not only advertise for the recipient, but also for the public all around. Thanks to the coating with the doming gel, the advertising imprint of a logo does not fade due to strong sunlight. It doesn't matter which advertising product is finished with the doming, the result is high-quality, which is directly transferred to the advertising brand.

What are the costs of doming?

In order to determine the costs for doming, you must consider the object to be printed and the size of the print motif. In addition, there are the preliminary printing costs, including the costs for the coating material and the number of promotional items to be finished. Even with small quantities, doming is very economical, since the costs per piece are very low.

Is a special production of advertising material possible through doming?

All concepts and ideas that cannot be implemented in a normal print production are no problem in the context of an individual custom-made product. When it comes to design options, there are almost no limits. It doesn't matter whether it's special colors for a corporate design or the special attachment of the advertising logo to the advertising product. Together with the advertising company, most providers design a perfect promotional item during the first briefing and oversee the custom-made product from the offer to delivery. You should contact the service team for this as they can assist with special productions.

The advantages of doming at a glance:

  • The advertising imprint under the doming gel is completely protected from external influences by the long-lasting and extremely robust material and thus does not lose color intensity and quality.
  • The doming gel is a tough and very durable material that is not only extremely abrasion-resistant, but also water-resistant.
  • The process is very economical due to the low costs per piece, which means that even small quantities can be produced economically.
  • The three-dimensional effect that occurs during doming is not only a real eye-catcher thanks to the play of light and shadow, but also offers a haptic component that resembles an advertising message. This type of finishing gives a particularly memorable effect.


Doming is an inexpensive and high-quality finishing technique for printing on various objects. Doming is particularly common in the promotional products industry to get in touch with potential customers. Every promotional item is different in nature and may not be suitable for doming.