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Personalized Thermo Flasks Keep Beverages Warm or Cold on Those Busy Days

Have you ever set down a mug of coffee, and got caught up doing something, only to return to a mug of cold coffee? We are quite sure that you have – and that is not a pleasant thing. Had you had one of our personalized thermo flasks, you would have enjoyed a well-deserved, warm coffee, after all that work was complete. Or how about being out and about with an iced cold beverage like iced tea or an iced latte? After half an hour or so, all the ice was melted, and you end up with a watered-down beverage. Again, our customized thermo flasks would have kept your ice-cold beverage, nice and cool for your enjoyment upon return. At allbranded, our custom thermo flasks are ideal for keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold much longer than by traditional means. Not only do logo-printed thermo flasks, keep your drinks at an ideal temperature, but they feature secure lids that seal tightly to avoid spills making custom thermo flasks an ideal promotional item, giveaway, or gift.

Custom Thermo Flasks Make an Excellent Marketing Item

Thermo flasks make an excellent marketing item as they are functional and portable. Customers, prospects, and employees alike love that custom-logo thermo flasks keep their drinks at just the right temperature and prevent unwanted spills, while they are on the go. Marketers can think of promotional thermo flasks as a walking billboard, as people carry them around the office, while running errands, at the gym, and more. The best promotional items are those branded items that are useful, so that recipients use them on a regular basis increasing your brand’s visibility.

Stay Eco-Friendly with Sustainable Personalized Thermo Flasks

Environmental awareness is a big focus of many people around the globe, and many are ditching disposable cups and switching to sustainable alternatives. Thus, reusable thermo flasks make a desirable option for giveaways and gifts. Eco-friendly thermo flasks are also a wonderful way to increase revenue at a coffee shop or gym, as people love to showcase and support their favorite brands. This movement away from single-use cups has opened an array of new opportunities in terms of marketing and increase of sales. Customers and prospects are becoming increasingly aware of how their daily habits affect the environment, and they know that reusable thermo flasks are a smart purchase as they are durable and useful.

Custom-Printed Thermo Flasks Are Perfect for Any Audience

Custom-imprinted thermo flasks make perfect merchandise items to sell directly to your customers at cafés, restaurants, yoga studios, gift shops and more. Personalized thermo flasks offer more functionality and portability than their disposable counterparts, and they are also better for the environment. When it comes to the workplace, custom-printed thermo flasks are a nice gesture of appreciation or corporate gift for employees, stakeholders, clients, and investors, so that they can enjoy their beverage of choice at its intended temperature. When it comes to promotional giveaways, branded thermo flasks make it easy to drive more prospects and customers to your business. You can hand out promotional thermo flasks at tradeshows or even create a customer loyalty program and offer a complimentary custom thermo flask with your brand’s logo for joining your mailing list or reaching some other marketing goal.

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