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Get a FREE $100 or $150 Amazon gift card with purchase of $1000+ or $1500+ | Apply code: 👉 AMAZING 👈
Valid until 12/15/2023 for online orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts and/or coupons. Minimum order value: $1000+. Gift card will be sent by email.

Have you ever heard of finance swag? It's a term used to describe promotional products or items that banks and credit unions give out to their clients. These goodies are a great way for financial institutions to engage with their customers and create a positive impression. Plus, who doesn't love getting free stuff? Choose from a range of finance-themed products to hand out to your clients and other future clients. Add your logo to these products to make it a memorable piece of banking swag.

Finance swag is an effective way for banks and credit unions to connect with their clients. From branded pens and keychains to tote bags, these promotional products leave a lasting impression and boost brand recognition. By handing out these items, financial institutions can foster loyalty, gain cost-effective marketing exposure, and create positive word-of-mouth. So, keep an eye out for those freebies at events or when you visit your local bank branch—they might just come in handy!

Popular Banking Promotional Swag

When it comes to popular promotional products in the banking industry, there are several crowd favorites. One of the classics is the branded pen. It may seem simple, but pens are incredibly useful and often get passed around, increasing brand exposure. Another popular choice is the trusty keychain. It's something people carry around every day, ensuring constant visibility for the bank's logo or message. And let's not forget about tote bags, which are not only practical but also eco-friendly, making them a hit among clients. Another, and perhaps most obvious choice, piggy banks. All of these products can be handed out to new customers, at various financial trade shows, or any other place. While these products might be a bit niche, it will help your overall brand awareness since the finance industry is also very niche.

Benefit from Promotional Bank Products

So, why do banks and credit unions find it beneficial to hand out these promotional items? Well, firstly, it's all about brand recognition. When clients or members use these items in their daily lives, they create a subconscious connection with the bank, leading to increased brand recall. It's like a mini billboard that travels with the customers wherever they go, especially when the product is branded with the bank’s or credit union’s logo. Additionally, promotional products foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation among clients. By receiving something tangible, customers feel valued and are more likely to stick with the bank or credit union for their financial needs. Whether these are welcome gifts for opening a new bank account, referring a friend or just goodies at the counter, anyone who enters your financial institution will be happy to receive such a branded corporate gift.

Advantages of Financial Swag

Now, let's talk about the advantages of distributing these goodies. Promotional products provide a cost-effective marketing strategy for financial institutions. Compared to traditional advertising channels, such as TV or radio, finance swag offers long-lasting exposure at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, these items have a high perceived value, especially when they are of good quality. Clients appreciate the gesture and are more inclined to share their positive experience with friends and family, which can result in valuable word-of-mouth referrals. In many cases, like at expos or trade shows, when handing out promotional items, you might directly interact with your target audience. This means they get to walk away from your booth with a pleasant interaction and a nice memento to remember it by.

Where to hand out Custom Bank Promotional Products

When it comes to the best places to hand out these promotional items, events are a prime opportunity. Banks often set up booths or sponsor local gatherings where they can interact with potential and existing customers. This could include street fairs, outside grocery stores, in community events and more. Job fairs, community festivals, and charity events are just a few examples of other places where a larger, more niche audience might be. Additionally, bank branches themselves are great locations for distribution. When clients come in for transactions or consultations, offering a promotional item as a token of appreciation adds a personal touch to their experience.

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