Promotional Shopping Bags For Businesses with Your Logo

Design and bulk order shopping bags especially branded with your brand logo so that your customers can take a piece of your store with them. Plus, this helps to promote your brand after they leave the store. Almost any retail store or product-based business has shopping bags for their customers' purchases. Commonly seen with the store's logo on the brand, but others just use simple woven tote bags and are missing out on a huge marketing and brand awareness opportunity. These reusable bags are great alternative to plastic bags, so people can bring them to farmer markets and grocery stores as grocery totes. Promotional bags are great because they can hold other additional freebies or promotional giveaways.

Brand awareness Increases with Imprinted Shopping Bags

Whenever someone leaves your store with a promotional shopping bag others see that and know that there was something in your store worth purchasing. The receiver instantly becomes a walking brand ambassador when carrying your branded shopping bags around. If in a mall or shopping center, others may see a previous customer's bag and become aware that your store is around and look to visit your store now on one of their stops. How would you like to place signs all around your business area about your store? Well that's exactly what shopping bags printed with your logo are doing, and if you use a highly attractive eye-catching color or design your branding increases.

Types of Shopping Bags You Can Custom Brand

Promote your brand even more and for longer periods of time with these printed canvas boat totes as fun and unique promotional giveaways. Promotional tote bags aren't only canvas tote bags, but they can be made from other types of reusable materials. Check out more of our reusable tote bags here:

  • Paper Bags
  • Plastic Bags
  • See-Through Bags
  • Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags

Extra benefits by ordering promotional bags

When ordering custom bags you can get a multitude of sizes that fit your products better, you wouldn't want to put a custom water bottle purchased in a large bag that could carry multiple garments of custom-branded apparel. When you designate your needs and brand your bag sizes with your logo it makes the customer experience much nicer. Your brand will look much more professional when you have imprinted shopping bags as they are not a necessity but in the long run can bring you more return on the investment of the bags themselves. As stated before you can project your brand image with the bag choice alone before your logo. If you are environmentally conscious and promote sustainability, we offer multiple options of eco-friendly bags for your business to align with your brand image. Last but not least, you literally keep your brand name in the palm of your customers' hands while they walk around promoting your store and their purchase. Bulk order some of these custom tote bags, complete with your logo on the front, to hand out at your next trade show or other large corporate events. Have these reusable shopping bags to hold a variety of other freebies and giveaway items. Choose branding options like screen printing or digital print transfer for the best results, with full color options.

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