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Valid until 12/15/2023 for online orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts and/or coupons. Minimum order value: $1000+. Gift card will be sent by email.
Get a FREE $100 or $150 Amazon gift card with purchase of $1000+ or $1500+ | Apply code: 👉 AMAZING 👈
Valid until 12/15/2023 for online orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts and/or coupons. Minimum order value: $1000+. Gift card will be sent by email.

Promote your brand or event in an affordable way with your custom promotional cups. These are some of the most popular promotional giveaways because they are practical for all types of events. Add your logo to the front of these cups for sporting events, trade shows, career fairs, office parties, conventions and more. Increase your brand awareness by choosing from our wide selection of styles, colors, printing methods and more.

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What is a custom promotional cup?

A custom-printed cup is often a cup printed with your organization or company logo. You can hand them out at trade shows, business events or other types of conferences or expositions.

How do you brand a cup?

You follow these steps:

  1. Choose the branding option from the drop down menu
  2. Select the printing location
  3. Upload your custom artwork
  4. You are finished!

What type of printing is possible on a promotional cup?

The branding can vary depending on the different cups and what type of material the cup is made from. However, the most common printing or branding options include: digital printing in up to 8 colors. Screen printing in up to 4 colors or pad printing in up to 2 different colors.

How much does it cost to make custom-printed cups?

This depends on the number of colors you choose and which branding or printing method you choose. Plus, the more cups you buy the cheaper the price per unit is.


When you think of promotional products, what do you think? One of the first things might be imprinted drinkware, or more specifically, branded cups. This is because they are so practical for every type of occasion. Cups will be used a long time after your specific event by your target audience.

What also makes custom-printed cups so classic is because they come in a wide variety of full colors, designs, materials, shapes, and cup styles. Plus you can choose from various sizes as well, like 12 oz., 16 oz., 22 oz., and more. These types of items are more likely used for things like water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, or lemonade.

Bulk order some of these promotional cups with lids to stock up your office kitchen. You can even hand out these products as company swag for new hires. Create a long-lasting brand impression when you bulk order these custom-imprinted cups with your brand logo.


What makes imprinted cups a really great marketing tool is because they are so practical and cost effective. We offer a wide selection of cups that are under $1. You can order some promotional materials without going over budget.

These cups, especially stadium cups, are great for larger amounts of liquid. In our online shop, we carry a big selection of different sizes for your needs.

Many of these cups are also marked as express products. Express means they have a 48 hour production time. This production option makes it easy to order last minute without a delayed production.

Most cups are made to be dishwasher safe. This makes it easier for your recipients to keep these cups clean.


One thing that makes imprinted cups such a promotional product classic is the fact that they can be used for various occasions. Some events include trade shows and sporting events. If your company is hosting an outdoor party or a

Or if people will be attending any Pride events or even any festivals during the summer months, then consider ordering some cups with logos on them.

These types of cups also are great for any orientation weeks you might have for new employees as gifts or students returning back to school. You simply need to add your company logo or maybe university insignia to the cup to make it a brand-specific product. These promotional caps are a classic for a reason!


Adding your logo to these cups could not be any easier. Once you find a product you like, choose the branding position, the number of branding colors, the product quantity then finally, add the product to your cart.

Then once you are at your cart, you can upload your design. Then you simply need to approve the artwork and we can get started producing your product.

See, it really is that easy!

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