Top Company Swag Ideas from 2022

Marketing Trends Dec 14, 2022

Here is our list of the top products for all of 2022. Read on to see us rank the most popular promotional items this year. You might even be surprised!

Top 2022 Company Swag

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. What better way to spend the last few weeks of 2022 than talking about the stats? We have gathered the data and we have found the best-selling promotional items this year. Maybe some products will surprise you, or not? Let’s let the data speak for itself - we now present the top promotional products in 2022.

#10 - Axial 4000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Starting us off at #10, we have this power bank. It makes sense - promotional power banks are so handy for everyday use. Whether you have employees or clients commuting to and from the office every day or if they need some extra power for when they travel for business, you can have them covered.

#9 - Thule Stravan 15" Laptop Backpack

Coming in at #9 is this awesome promotional laptop backpack. Now, this type of company swag item is great as an employee gift. Commuters can really appreciate this laptop bag designed to carry their important tech for each work day.

#8 - Large Jute Tote

The next one, #8 is this promotional bag made from jute. This custom-printed tote bag is great as a promotional goodie bag when you visit trade shows or conventions. Plus, this large jute tote bag is made from a sustainable material, making it a great eco-friendly alternative to normal promotional products. Whoever receives this will be using it for years to come and your brand will get a lot of attention.

#7 - elleven™ TSA 17" Computer Backpack

Another great promotional business bag comes in at #7 and it makes sense why. Add your logo to this computer backpack to hand out to any clients, partners, or employees who frequently need to travel for work. This custom-branded backpack is created with TSA in mind, making it a great option for your frequent flyers.

20 Can Backpack Cooler

#6 - 20 Can Backpack Cooler

Coolers are great for every type of season, which makes sense why it comes in at #6 on our list. Whether you are having a company picnic or large gathering in the summer, or if you are hosting a spring team event, you cannot go wrong with a custom-printed cooler.

#5 - Lagom 16oz Tumbler w/ SS Straw

This tumbler is perfect for every coffee-loving employee on your staff! This promotional tumbler with a straw starts off the top half of our list strong at #5. This popular promotional drinkware product is great for anyone who wants to focus on more sustainable promotional products.

#4 - mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Nowadays, people cannot live without our #4 product - this power bank. This company swag is perfect for business travel, but also for people who work from home or remotely. Power banks are a great addition to promotional mobile accessories, including other wireless chargers. Add your company logo to hand it out at trade shows and be the hit of the event.

Ryze 22oz Aluminum Sports Bottle w/ Bamboo lid

#3 - Ryze 22 oz Aluminum Sports Bottle w/ Bamboo Lid

Staying hydrated throughout the workday is important and people know that because our #3 product is a branded water bottle. Hand out some of these imprinted water bottles to everyone in your company or order enough to keep around the office kitchen. These bottles are great for the gym, so you could add them to a sporting goods onboarding box for all new hires.

#2 - Sherpa Blanket

With winter promotional products only having a few months to shine, our #2 really snuck in at the last moment! These cozy and comfy promotional Sherpa blankets are the next big thing in terms of company swag. With the option for a quick production turnaround time (48 hours if you choose the express products), you can expect to get this awesome company swag to your employees quickly. Order some custom-printed blankets today to keep everyone warm, both at home and in the office.

Now our number 1 promotional product is… *cue drum roll*

Santos 12oz Ceramic Mug

#1 - Santos 12 oz Ceramic Mug

Our #1 pick might have surprised you, but it was clear to us! This custom-printed mug was the biggest seller this year and for good reason! The Santos Mug is made from ceramic, which gives it a nice natural look. With its modern style and classic design, you cannot go wrong with branding your logo on the front of this mug. Bulk order some of these mugs to keep around the office or hand one out to everyone; employees, clients, partners, and customers alike.

Well, there you have it! The top 10 promotional items purchased in 2022. Do you think any popular items were missing? Or do you think some of these promo items didn’t belong on the list? January 1 will ring in a new year, which means all of our products have a new chance to make their way to the number one spot for next year. 

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